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Online Credit Card Applications

have made it easy to compare, apply and get approved for a credit card in minutes.

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Online Credit Card Applications

Not only are they easy to find, but it is simple to compare credit card types, issuers and interest rates along with annual fees.

In the past you would receive direct mail or pre-approved offers with paper applications. These would clog up your mail box and were very time consuming to fill out the application form and then slow to mail it back in to get approved.

Today with modern technology there are online credit card applications. It makes it very easy to compare and apply for a credit card when you are ready and on your terms.

Why Do Credit Card Applications Online Offer More Security?

Credit card applications contain Secure Socket Layer “SSL” technology that offer the best level of internet security utilizing sophisticated data encryption. Your information is always safe.

When you click on a credit card or the Apply Here button, it takes you directly to that issuers online application form. These can be filled out in just a few minutes and the approval process is quick.

How Do I Find The Credit Card Application Form To Fill It Out To Get Approved?

We have setup this website to make it easy for you to navigate and find applications for credit cards for various banks and issuers. Below we have provided all you need to get started. Just click on the categories below to be taken to the comparison pages to review the appropriate cards for you situation.

When you are ready to select a credit card and go to the online application, just click on the “Apply Here” button next to the credit card. This will take you directly to the Bank’s secured online application form to fill out the information needed to get approved.

What Types of Credit Cards are There to Apply For Online?

Most credit cards are setup for personal use and are geared towards the consumer. These include 0% offers for balance transfer and purchases.

You will also find that many of the large banks and issuers have credit card cash back and rewards programs. We include many of these on this site for you to review, but also include many other cards including some of the more popular department store credit cards such as Best Buy, Walmart and even Kohl’s and Pottery Barn. Most store credit cards have specific rewards programs and can only be used at their stores. There are what is known as open ended cards which may be a store credit card like GAP but have the Visa brand on them that can be utilized anywhere and you can earn rewards for other purchases.

You will find a great selection of credit card applications along with their contact information and benefits.

Even though the majority are for personal use we do have a few specific cards that relate to Business Credit Cards.

Business Credit Cards

These can be for a small business or a company credit card. These are different in regards to the information you might insert when filling out the application and how it reflects on your credit report. Generally on a Business credit card application you will be asked to fill out the name and address as well as any legal or financial information. If you are a small business owner you will also fill out some personal information as well as any additional employee cards.

Bank of America Business Credit Cards are a good choice as you can earn cash back rewards on everyday purchases.

Capital One has a complete line called Spark® that cater to small business owners. You will find these to be very popular and contain two types of rewards programs. Their selection of business cards will allow you to earn either cash back rewards or travel miles.

Chase Ink has an online app where you can manage your chase business credit cards.

To read more about the Best Business Credit Cards and how to apply with their online applications, visit Business Credit Card Applications.

There are many types of credit card applications online to choose from and here are a few of the most popular types below.

Cash Back Credit Cards

– generally offer a points system where you can earn cash for spending money on regular purchases as well a extra points for such categories like groceries, gasoline or restaurants. Many allow you to take the cash back in the form of a statement credit or for gift cards or a check.

A Few of the biggest players in the credit card market place for cash back rewards cards are the following listed below.

Bank of America – Cash Rewards Credit Cards

With Bank of America you will want to be a preferred rewards member and can get additional bonus rewards when points are redeemed to a checking or savings account.

Capital One – Cash Back Rewards Cards
Citi – Thank You Credit Card
Chase – Freedom Unlimited Card
Discover – Discover it Card

All of the above are great for building cash rewards and offer benefits like purchase protection, extended warranty that protect your product purchases.

Gas Rewards Cards

– Consumers who frequently buy gas at the pump and have either multiple vehicles are just travel allot of miles each year many times get gas credit cards to offset their costs.

There are general gas rewards cards through issuers like American Express like the Blue Cash Preferred card that earns you 3% cash back on gas purchases.

Then you have individual Gas Station cards like the BP Visa credit card that can get you savings per gallon as well as earning rewards for other purchases. Most gas stations like Exxon, Chevron, Shell and others have their own rewards programs and most have the brochures with the form or online application website included for you to apply.

Travel Rewards Credit Cards

– These are mainly generating reward points that can be applied towards travel such as airline miles, rental cars or hotel rooms. This would be a great choice if you travel frequently or just build travel points to use at the end of the year for vacations.

When you travel internationally you will want to look for a credit card that has no foreign transaction fees and that also has travel benefits and assistance while in route on your trips.

If you fly a specific airline you might of course want to look for that particular rewards credit card. Many times you can be rewarded if you fly a specific airline such as Delta, American or Southwest. They each have their own air miles programs and cards.

To review airline credit card applications visit our article – Click Here.

But, if you just want a good flat rate card that you can use anywhere and build up travel rewards you would want to consider cards like the Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card or even the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card.

On any of these travel rewards credit cards you just really need to read through all of the benefits and terms. If you are traveling internationally you would want to look at things like foreign transaction fees and various perks and protections while traveling abroad.

For those that love fine dining, there is even a Premier Dining Rewards credit card.

The key is to pick the rewards that will benefit you most and allows the most flexibility for the way you travel.

Balance Transfer Credit Cards

– are used to pay off high interest rate credit cards or loans and transfer that balance to a 0% APR or other low interest credit card.

When applying for a balance transfer, make sure you understand if there is a fee associated with the transaction. Most of the time you will find that there is a 3% fee that will be added when transferring your balance from another credit card. It may still be a great deal since you are locking in a long term 0% APR, but just make sure you are aware of that fee before doing the transfer.

You will find a couple credit cards that have no fee, but most will include a percentage at the time of the balance transfer. Chase has a credit card called Slate that has no fees when you transfer balances for example.

The balance transfer credit card allows you to save on interest over a period usually set between 12 and 18 months. If used properly it is a great way to pay off debt quickly.

If you would like to apply for a balance transfer credit card today you can visit our article on Balance Transfer Credit Card Applications.

Low Interest Credit Cards

– Low interest credit cards are good to use if you tend to run a balance and keep interest rate charges and fees to a minimum. You will want to look for a card with a fairly low continuous annual percentage rate. Capital One has some good basic credit cards with just one low steady rate. This way you don’t have to worry about switching cards to get the next promotional rate and can just rely on one card going forward.

0% Credit Card Offers

– these are the zero percent introductory offers that you will receive in the mail. Most will say you will get a 0% introductory interest rate for 12 to 18 months on purchases or balance transfers.

They can be great cards if you are making a large purchase such as an HDTV or Apple iPad or MacBook Air. It is like giving yourself a short term 0% interest loan.

If you use it for a 0% balance transfer, just remember there is usually a balance transfer fee that comes along with the transfer usually around 3% of the amount you will be transferring. It still can be a great deal since you have a steady rate for a number of months so you can work on the balance while having no interest.

Student Credit Cards

– these credit cards are geared towards college students that need a card to pay for books and tuition or even buy food while on campus and living on their own.

This is a great way for a responsible student to build their credit.

As a matter of fact, building this credit history is probably the number one reason to fill out the student credit card application.

Yes, convenience is important but a prepaid card can do the same in that regard, but it will not be as effective in building a credit score and history.

Secured or Prepaid Credit Cards

– These have become more popular especially for those who have poor or bad credit. You can preload these cards with cash and prevent people from getting back into poor spending habits if they are prone to that in their financial history.

It provides all the convenience of a credit card without the risk of going deep into debt.

All credit cards should be used responsibly and by understanding the type of credit card that meets your needs can not only save you lots of money in interest charges, but can provide really great rewards for travel or to get cash back for just using the credit cards for everyday purchases.

Some people are great at paying off their balances each month and can really maximize those cash back or travel points.

If you tend to run a low level balance than the low interest or 0% APR credit cards might be best.

The key here is to understand the categories and apply for the credit cards that are right for you.

Who Are The Top Bank Issuers of Credit Cards?

top bank credit card issuers

There are many Banks that issue their own credit cards including credit unions.

But, there are a few key Banks that just stand out and are very large and control a large portion of the credit card applications in the online marketplace.

Below we will list the top issuers in the credit card industry. These are large financial institutions which will be recognizable by most who are familiar with these names. Many of these issuers offer the best credit card offers on the market and a wide range of various credit card categories.

American Express

– Has some great travel credit cards including airline rewards. They also have an elite selection of Platinum and Gold Charge cards.

Bank of America

– Offer some great credit card options in the areas of Cash Back, Travel Rewards and Balance Transfers.


– offers premium rewards MasterCards and other cards for average to fair credit.

Capital One® Credit Cards‎

– offers cash back, low interest and travel rewards credit cards. They also offer a secured credit card for those with lower credit scores.

Their credit card applications can be found at and include the following popular cards:

Quicksilver® Card – Earn Unlimited 1.5% Cash Back. You can also earn rewards for excellent credit.

Venture® Card – Earn Unlimited 2X Miles Rewards.


– Has credit cards for personal and business. There are a number of Chase credit card applications that fit every need. They have cards for cash back, balance transfers as well as travel rewards.

The Chase Freedom is a popular shopping rewards card.
Chase Slate is a low interest card that can offer 0% fees on balance transfers.
Chase Sapphire is a travel rewards credit card.
Chase Ink is a very popular business credit card.


– has credit cards with low interest, rewards. They also offer business and student cards.

The 3 Citi Credit Cards listed below are top offers and include 0% interest offers that exceed 12 months. You will also find that they all have no annual fees. These all require that you have an excellent credit rating.

Citi Simplicity® Card – This card is known for it’s No late fees, No penalty rate, No annual fee “Ever.”

Citi® Double Cash Card – This is a cash back credit card. You will get 1% Cash back monthly on all of your purchases. Then you will receive 1% Cash back on payments to your account.

Citi® ThankYou Cards – This card rewards you for using it for certain categories like dining and entertainment.

Discover Card

– these offerings are for the 5% Cash back credit cards as well as top student cards.

Discover it® is the brand name for their flagship 0 Interest balance transfer cards. One card offers a 14 month zero APR on purchases as well as transfers. The other goes out 18 months for a credit card transfer, but only 6 months on purchases.

With Discover it® you will also get a free FICO score with each account statement as well as no annual fees.

This is also a great travel credit card as it has no foreign transaction fees when used internationally and comes with $500,000 in travel accident insurance and automobile rental insurance.

You can use your cash back rewards in a variety of ways including redeeming on or on the Discover Online Shopping Site known as where you can up to 20% cash back.

You also get U.S. based customer service and an intuitive website for managing your account. Discover also has a Mobile App that allows access 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Visa and MasterCard

– These credit cards are excepted around the world and offer security as well as convenience when paying for purchases. Most banks offer both choices when applying for their credit cards through an online application.

So what is the difference between Visa Credit Cards vs. MasterCard?

Both have really great benefits that come with their brand of cards.

Visa has two levels, a basic level credit card as well as a Visa Signature. The basic level has lots of features like automatic rental car insurance, warranty protection and a number of other perks. The Signature has an online portal that gives special discounts for entertainment and travel.

The MasterCard credit cards have 3 tiers, each with various benefits. The Base card has many of the similar basic benefits of Visa. It also offers price protection. If you buy something and see a lower price in 60 days you can get the difference refunded. The Elite and World Elite are more for travel perks and various discounts.

How Can I Compare and Apply For Credit Card Now?

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