Airline Credit Card Applications

airline credit card applications

Airline Credit Card Applications

have some real advantages if you like a specific airline and tend to fly the majority of the time with that carrier.

You can find other travel credit cards that are more generic and can be used across various airlines, hotels or rental cars. But these do not have some of the specific perks and benefits packed in some of the loyalty programs that many of the larger airlines have if you travel on them regularly.

Why Get an Airline Miles Card?

In my area Delta Airlines is the only airline at our airport and I happen to really like flying on this airline and enjoy the perks and benefits I get each year.

Actually I enjoy them so much I am willing to pay the $95 annual fee because I know I will make this up quickly in the luggage and bags I can check for free while using the card.

So you now get the idea. So I am going to discuss today some of the best airline credit card applications out there so you can decide for yourself and the frequent flyer benefits that mean the most to you before deciding on a card.

What Are The Best Airline Miles Credit Cards?

The best credit cards for building air miles or taking advantage of benefits can really be subjective and a personal decision you have to make. We do highlight the most popular airline credit cards below for you to review.

American Airline Credit Card

To find the American Airline credit card application you can visit

You will find 3 Key cards that are issued by Citi®.

These are the Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive Card, Citi® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® Card,
CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® Platinum Select® Card.

Depending on the credit card application you choose you can earn AAdvantage® bonus miles, enjoy Admirals Club® membership and get your first bag checked free.

Once you select the card of your choice you can compare and apply for the card that has the benefits that fit your specifications the best.

Delta Airline Credit Card

To apply for a Delta Airline credit card via their online application you can visit

DELTA SKYMILES® Credit Card is the official name and you have 3 choices of Delta Credit Cards issued by American Express. These are the Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card, Platinum Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card and the Delta Reserve Credit Card from American Express.

With each of these cards you can earn Bonus Miles and Delta Sky Club® Access. Of course there is a annual fee associated with each of these credit cards and the more prestigious card the higher the fee.

One of the great things about a Delta Credit Card is the priority boarding. It is always a pain to walk onto a plane and find that all of the luggage racks are taken. With priority boarding you always get on after first class customers and have never had this type of a problem.

You will also can compare other perks and benefits. Some are automatic when you get the card and utilize it such as:

Car Rental Loss & Damage Insurance, Travel Accident Insurance, Extended Warranty,

You also get your first bags checked free which is a nice additional bonus.

SouthWest Airline Credit Card

To learn more and apply for a SouthWest Airline credit card you can visit

You will find their program is called Rapid Rewards. You will get features like Unlimited reward seats, Your points don’t expire and there are no black out dates when you redeem your reward points.

There are annual fees associated with the Rapid Rewards credit card so review the details before applying.

United Airline Credit Card

The MileagePlus Explorer Card is the United Airlines credit card and the application can be found at the official site

You will get bonus miles when applying and the annual fee for the first year is waived. Some of the benefits of getting this card while flying on United Airlines are 2 United ClubSM passes per year, no fees on foreign transactions, priority boarding and free first checked bag.

Also, miles don’t expire so you can use them anytime.

Airline Credit Card Applications are available through most all of the larger carriers so if your airline was not listed you can still search and find the airline of your choice and their air miles program with their credit cards.

Comparing and applying is easy and if you utilize any of these airlines is a smart thing to do and can be a real cost savings over the long run in your travels.

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