Banana Republic Credit Card – Earn Luxe Status

banana republic credit card application

Banana Republic Credit Card

– You can earn Luxe Card status when you apply with an online application and attain 5000 points.

This popular retail store known as Banana Republic is an American clothing and accessories retailer that is owned by American multinational corporation. They were founded in 1978 and are headquartered in San Francisco, CA. The parent corporation is Gap Inc..

What are The Benefits and Perks That Come With The Banana Republic Credit Card?

When you get approved you will get 15% off on your first in store or online purchase. You also get exclusive offers as a Cardmember and some nice benefits.

Some of these credit card member offers at Banana Republic will include double points shopping days and discounts. You also get free standard shipping on all online orders over $50. There will be no receipt required on returns and you get a birthday gift at that time of year.

Another great feature is the online account access at

An example of the potential on rewards points is if you would spend $500 you will earn 2500 points. It essentially works out to 5X points for every dollar you spend at any Gap Inc brand of stores.

If you shop primarily at Banana Republic you will be interested in applying for this card.

What Do Luxe Card Holders Get?

As a Luxe card member you get 20% additional reward points based on what you earn every three months.

You get to go to Triple points shopping days and unlimited basic alterations on Banana Republic merchandise.

You also can pick your own Sale day that is an all day shopping pass. There is also a toll free Luxe customer service line. Just remember to get upgraded to Luxe status you just have to earn over 5000 points.

Why Is Banana Republic Such a Great Store to Shop?

A couple great things about Banana Republic is that they offer fitted dresses that are flattering. Also, many of the clothes in the store are just very sexy and becoming in regards to style unlike other clothing stores.

They also have very nice printed T shirts for young men. I recently bought a really sharp polo shirt at Banana republic and my lady friend loves the petite section. So there is really something for everyone, but I think it is the style that separates Banana Republic from the pack.

If you have not been in one of their stores you should drop in to take a look. If you do start shopping there on a regular basis you will want to start earning rewards by applying for the Banana Republic credit card.

How Do I Apply For The Banana Republic Credit Card?

You can simply go to the Banana Republic online application by visiting their website below.

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