BB&T Credit Card Application – Apply For A Credit Card Online

BB&T Credit Card Application

BB&T Credit Card Application

If you have had a credit card in the past or even one from BB&T, there may be updates you are not aware of. For example, BB&T has chip card options that help you enjoy the latest trends in paying at the register. BB&T also has unique choices for employers or parents to manage a pre-paid debit card. Of course, one of the main reasons that people are choosing BB&T are their rates to join. Written below, these details have been reviewed to help you make the best decision. You will also find out how to apply with a BB&T credit card application.

BB&T Bank is a large financial services holding company. The headquarters is located in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

Jump on with the latest payment trend: The Chip Card

When merchants accept chip cards, they are inserted into the bottom of the terminal, and the card is released after the transaction is complete. These credit cards have enhanced protections and security against fraud, and this happens when the chip card produces a transaction code instead of giving the merchant your credit card number. However, if the merchant does not accept a chip card, you can still use it for a regular credit card swipe. Like other BB&T credit card options, the same rates apply and the chip option does not add additional user charges.

Pay less with the Bright Card

Customers are responding to the low annual percentage rate, but the 0-percent APR for the first 15 months is not the only reason the Bright Card is so popular. For example, after 15 months, variable APRs range from 11.9 to 20.9-percent. The introductory offer also includes balance transfers as well as purchases. Unlike other credit cards, BB&T’s plan has no annual fee that is charged to cardholders.

Get bonuses for spending with the Spectrum Rewards card

Have you seen advertisements for bonus rewards for spending on your credit card, but find the terms are complicated? Get flexible awards that can be used from clearly outlined parameters. The BB&T Spectrum Reward credit card takes out the guesswork. For every dollar spent, a dollar of rewards is earned. For the first 90-days, every dollar spent earns three-percent with one-percent for the period after the first three months. On top of no annual fee, this credit card also gives you a five-percent anniversary bonus.

LEAP for kids and the Money Account Card for employees

Prepaid debit cards can solve a lot of problems with money management. Instead of worrying about an overage on a credit card for petty cash, employees can use the Money Account Card from BB&T. The LEAP card for kids lets them have some financial freedom while allowing you to access their account online. Employees can also benefit from the Money Account Card. Receive payment from payroll as well as a travel expense budget. Both of these cards have a monthly maintenance fee of less than five dollars, and the ATM withdrawals at a BB&T machines are free.

How to find the best BB&T Credit Card for your needs

When you need to get a credit card to make your home or office run smoothly, there are several affordable and hassle-free options from BB&T. Far from banks that have trouble keeping up in the modern age, our services keep you in the latest credit card trends. To find out more, just go to the BB&T website to get further details.

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