Belk Credit Card Application

belk credit cards

Belk Credit Card Application

Belk is a department store chain that has private label fashion apparel as well as some really unique shoes and accessories for your family. They also have some nice top name cosmetics and even a wedding registry. You will also find a large selection of top quality merchandise for your home.

Belk is based in North Carolina and has over 293 stores in 16 Southern states.

They also have a strong digital presence with their online store at

How Do I Find The Belk Credit Card Application?

The Belk Credit Card is issued by Synchrony Bank and allows you to earn rewards towards future purchases and gives you access to new deals and offers for clothing, apparel, handbags and many other household items. People that love shopping at Belk in store or online will want to apply for a Belk Credit Card through their online application.

belk credit card application

We have included the website below for you to get to the Belk credit card application.

If you received a mail offer at you can apply using your invitation number.

How Do I Apply For The Belk Credit Card?

The first step is to go to the website above to get to the credit card application.

You will then be asked to input information like your first and last name as well as your address and email.

Other personal information that you will need is your annual income and the length of time at your current address.

You will also need to input your date of birth and your social security number.

Optional Card Security Program

You will also find that the Belk credit card application offers optional credit card security that covers the following:

What qualifies as an event:

The following areas are covered if you choose this coverage.

leave of absence
nursing home stay
loss of life

This is optional and will cost you roughly $1.66 per $100 on your credit card balance.

Once you get past this step you will be asked to accept and submit the application.

If approved you will receive you new Belk credit card in the mail and will activate it and can then you can start using it to receive credit card rewards.

What is The Interest Rate on The Belk Credit Card

The APR or Annual percentage rate on Belk credit cards is roughly 24.5%.

We recommend always paying off the balance each month to avoid paying any interest and to just use the card to earn reward points that you can use to save on future purchases.

At the bottom of the Belk credit card application, you will find a rates and fees table you can review.

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