BP Visa Credit Card Application

bp visa credit card application

BP Visa Credit Card Application

If you want to apply for a BP Visa credit card we will guide you through step by step on how to do this.

We also provide you clear details of what the BP Visa credit card includes and the benefits. This is different than what is known as the Driver Rewards program. OK keep reading and we will explain below.

What is the Difference Between the BP Visa Credit Card and the Rewards Card?

bp visa credit card vs bp driver rewards card

Sometimes people will get confused when they see the brochure at a BP station for the BP Drivers Rewards program. It shows a card that many think is a credit card. This is not the case and when you apply for this it is not a credit card just to make that clear. We will explain what this loyalty or rewards program is but first we will explain the various types of credit cards that are available if you would like to get one.

The BP Credit Card is issued by Synchrony Bank and you can use the online application to apply. There are two credit cards that we will explain below.

There are 2 types of BP credit cards.

1) BP Credit Card with BP Driver Rewards

This card has an intro offer that gives 25 cents off per gallon at BP stations for 90 days. After the introductory offer is over you still get 10 cents off per gallon at BP. There is no annual fee and you can redeem your earned rewards at the pump at BP gas stations. It also gives you ATM cash access and there is $0 fraud liability.

2) BP Visa Credit Card with Driver Rewards

OK so this card is identical to the one above except it is a Visa and you get more rewards earned with it.

You will continue to get 25 cents off per gallon at BP and 15 cents off for rewards earned on purchases made for grocery, dining and travel. Then you can get 5 cents for everything else you purchase where Visa cards are excepted which is almost everywhere.

So the BP Visa credit card gives you more earning power in regards to the rewards earned and therefore more savings when you use it at a BP gas station at the pump.

Now we will explain the BP Driver Rewards Card:

This is just a member card and not a credit card. You can still earn 10 cents off per gallon by using it at a BP Gas station and the program is free to join. You can get added benefits by connecting your membership card to a BP Credit Card.

Where Do I Find The BP Visa Credit Card Application?

We have included the link below to the actual BP Visa credit card application. Remember this is different than the Rewards program which is just a member program not a credit card. If you are looking for the actual credit card application for the BP Visa, it will take you to directly to the online application to get approved.

Apply Now Online With a BP Visa Credit Card Application

How Do I Sign Up For the BP Driver Rewards Program?

If you want to sign up for the BP driver rewards card and connect a credit card to it or just use it by itself we have included the link below for your convenience.


Now you should understand the differences in the BP Loyalty card through the driver rewards program and their credit cards as well as being able to access the online applications to apply and get approved for the BP credit cards.

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