Buckle Credit Card Application – Apply Online

Buckle Credit Card Application

If you’re someone who appreciates fashion, clothing, shoes and accessories, then you may love the Buckle credit card.

The Buckle card is an option that Comenity Bank offers to people who like shopping at the Buckle store.

Buckle is a proud retailer of clothing that offers an undefined style. It’s a great shopping option for people of all races, ages, creeds and the like.

Who Qualifies for the Buckle Card?

Anyone who desires to hold a Buckle credit card must be of legal age and residency.

This person must be 18 years of age and have proof that he or she is eligible to live in the United States. Additionally, the individual must have a social security number and must use a valid residential address and not a PO Box.

If that’s you, then you can easily qualify for a card if you also meet the credit requirements. While the lender doesn’t specifically state what that score is, some people have reported they have gotten card approvals with FICO scores as low as 619.

A 619 is barely in the fair category, but the higher your score is, the better chances that you have of getting approved. You may want to check your credit report and set some things in motion that can improve your score before you apply with the online credit card application.

Your income and the debt-to-income ratio will play a role in their decision, as well.

What Are the Benefits of the Buckle Card?

The biggest benefit of the Buckle card is that you will never have to worry about clothing. Buckle has got your back whether you need a first-date outfit, a school uniform, some cool boots or something to wear in the house. You can simply pull out your Buckle card and get it on credit.

This card does not carry a Visa or MasterCard logo, however, so it is strictly for store purchases, but you’ll always have a line of credit for that.

The second benefit is that You get to improve your credit score by having and using the card. If you get approved for it and make your payments on time, then that low-side credit score that you have will get higher over time. You can show a history of trustworthy financial activities, and then you reach for larger things such as homes in the future.

This card comes with a busload of features, as well. You can earn discounts and points, and you will have access to a number of exclusive mailings.

What Are the Buckle Card Options?

Buckle offers three tiers of credit card options. The Buckle classic is on the lowest tier.

The middle and highest cards are the Buckle Black and Buckle Exclusive, respectively. Each card has its own set of features that go along with it, and you must have a good-standing account on the lowest tier to qualify for the card that is on the next highest level.

The Classic card offers features such as birthday rewards, points and exclusive mailings.

The Black card adds free shipping and an extended redemption period. The Exclusive card adds the option to pick your own bonus points day and receive an annual “thank you” gift. The company goes out of its way to send you something special each year.

You do have to meet certain spending requirements and account obligations to receive this, of course.

What Are the Buckle Credit Card Features?

The Buckle credit card has a lot of wonderful features.

The first one that comes to mind is the discount. A new cardholder receives a 10 percent discount immediately on his or her first purchase.

The points are the second features. Every purchase produces a certain amount of points, and you can use them to buy certain things that you like.

You will receive a B Rewards card that you can use to get yourself something extra. There are certain times of the year like your birthday when you can receive free money, as well.

Online bill pay is another hassle-free feature that you receive with this card. You never have to leave your home to make your credit card payment because you can take care of it all right online.

Finally, you have access to exclusive messages and emails. These messages will alert you to the upcoming sales and events the company knows that you will enjoy.

How Are the Buckle Credit Card Reviews?

The card has pretty good reviews on sites like Credit Karma and Nerd Wallet.

Cardholders commend the card because it increases the consumer’s limit if that person makes timely payments.

You don’t have to ask for an increase. You just get it. some other people said that they liked the card because they shopped at the store. Some users felt that it should have offered more rewards than it currently offers. The average rating for this card is 3.5 stars out of five, which is fair.

It may not be the best card in the world, but it is an above-average option.

How Do I Get a Buckle Card?

You have two options for applying for the Buckle credit card.

One option is to visit the online site and then complete a full application. You can visit www.buckle.com

Be sure to read all the terms of the agreement so that you will know your interest rate as well as other fees that you may have to pay. You should receive your answer about the credit card very quickly, and your card should arrive within 10 business days if the answer is yes.

The other alternative for you is to go to a physical location and complete your credit card application with one of the cashiers there.

Buckle Down and Get a Credit Card Today

If you’re ready to put yourself in the driver’s seat of an amazing clothing store card, then you can apply for the Buckle card today.

Start getting the clothes that you desire, points and bettering your reputation as a person who has credit.

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