CapitalOne Business Credit Card Application

CapitalOne Business Credit Card Application

CapitalOne Business Credit Card Application

Capital One has some of the best small business credit cards on the market. You will find two types of the “Spark” credit cards available. The nice thing about both cards is that the rewards are unlimited. When you apply via their online credit card applications, both have a bonus you can receive after being approved.

What Are The Spark Small Business Credit Cards?

Spark® cash back rewards – will get you 2% unlimited cash back and rewards from the Spark credit cards can simply mean 1000’s of dollars each year pumping back into your business. You can read more details about the cash bonus as it depends on the cash card you select and terms can change so make sure you read the details carefully so you have a full understanding of the offer.

Spark® miles rewards – If you are more interested in earning travel miles for your small business you can pick from the miles rewards cards. You can earn up to 2X in unlimited miles along with a bonus miles depending on the card you select. You can also get no annual fee. Please again, read the details of the cards on their site as these terms can change.

What Are Some Good Benefits With The Spark Credit Cards?

Below we highlight some key benefits that come along with the Capital One credit cards for small business.

1. Fraud coverage – They have a zero dollar liability policy against fraud if your business credit card is ever lost or stolen. This can give you peace of mind.

2. Free employee cards – You can give cards to your employees and earn even more rewards at no additional costs to your business.

3. No foreign transaction fees – this means that when you or your employees travel and make purchases outside of the U.S. there are no transaction fees. There is nothing worse than finding out your credit card has charged you transaction fees when you get back from an international trip. With the CapitalOne Spark business cards you do not have this issue.

How Do I Find a CapitalOne Business Credit Card Application?

If you want to apply for one of the Spark small business credit cards you can just visit You will go to the business credit card section of the site and you will see the various Spark business credit cards. You can select one that fits your credit score and choose between the cash rewards or travel depending on your needs.

You can then just apply online with their simple credit card application to get approved.

Contact Phone Number:

To speak to a Spark professional in customer service you can call 1-844-88-SPARK.

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