Citizens Bank Cash Back Plus™ World MasterCard® Application

Citizens Bank Cash Back Credit Card Application

Citizens Bank Cash Back Plus™ World MasterCard®

is a cash back rewards credit card. If you received a pre approved invitation to apply online you can read all the details about this credit card offer below before going to the site to apply. We will also discuss and compare similar cash back rewards cards as alternatives. We will include the Citizens Bank online application and contact information below.

What Are The Cash Back Rewards and How Do I Earn Them?

One of the characteristics of this card that make it so great is the unlimited rewards program that actually will get you a fairly high rate on your rewards. Lets explain in the paragraph below how you can get the maximum reward points out of the Citizens Bank Cash Back Plus™ World MasterCard®.

Many times with other cash back credit card programs you have a limited amount of rewards you can earn and you have to enroll each quarter for specific categories and keep track of all of this to get rewarded. This credit card is just like it says, unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase. This means no tracking or logging into websites to enroll. It just simplifies the process. The even cooler part is you can earn even more. We explain in the next paragraph so keep reading.

There are two type of additional bonuses you can earn with this cash back credit card. Get a 10% Purchase Bonus on your earned cash back rewards when you make at least one purchase every month for six consecutive months and you can also get a 10% Relationship Bonus on your earned cash back rewards and Purchase Bonus when you direct deposit them in a Citizens Bank personal checking, savings or money market account. If you don’t have one of these yet you might want to consider opening one with Citizens.

So that pretty much summarized the cash back rewards program with Citizens Bank. Taking advantage of both of these bonuses comes out to earning around 1.8% cash back in total.

Are There Any Fees I Need To Be Aware Of With The Citizens Bank Credit Card?

The answer is pretty much a no in regards to fees. There is no annual fee, no foreign transaction fees and no penalty APR if you are late on payments.

Are There Good Benefits That Come With the Citizens Bank Cash Back Plus™ Card?

There are actually some really nice benefits that come along with this credit card.

Purchasing Products Perks

One that I like in particular is that if you are making a product purchase and you get up to the register and you are always asked if you want to pay for the extended warranty coverage. Well, what is sweet about this credit card is that it has Extended Warranty Protection and that means it doubles the original manufacturer’s or store brand warranty for up to two years. So actually as long as you just use this card you should be covered pretty nicely.

In regard to purchasing products it also has Price Protection for 120 days from purchase. This is just another thing you will not have to worry about that just comes with the card when you use it for your purchases.

Travel Perks

If you are going to be traveling there are a few nice travel benefits like:

1. Trip Cancellation Insurance and Trip Interruption Insurance.
2. Rental Insurance for collision, loss or damage.
3. Travel accident and baggage delay insurance.

Apple Pay

If you have an iPhone you are in luck! You can make purchases using Apple Pay™ in-store and in-app with participating merchants. Yeah thats pretty cool!

How Do I Apply For The Citizens Bank Cash Back Plus™ World MasterCard® Online?

We have included the official secure website below where you can find the online application to apply.

Contact Phone Number:


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