Credit Cards Issued By Comenity Bank

Credit Cards Issued By Comenity Bank

Comenity Bank is a financial services company that issues store credit cards. If you are looking for credit cards issued by Comenity Bank, we break out all the details for you in this article. These are all specialty or shopping credit cards that you can apply for with an online credit card application. All of them have some really great rewards.

It is an amazing selection of types of credit cards that cater to many people that like having their own favorite store credit card.

This is when you like a specific style of clothing and only frequent your favorite store for that particular brand of clothing and style.

What Credit Cards Are Issued By Community Bank for Specific Stores

Below is a sample list of store credit cards by Comenity Bank.

Abercrombie & Fitch – When you apply with an online credit card application you can get 25% off your first purchase. This is a nice way to get started when an Abercrombie & Fitch credit card holder There are also exclusive cardholder offers you can get in your emails. Included is a special birthday surprise.

Ann Taylor – This credit card will earn you 5 Rewards Points for every dollar spent at ANN INC.. You can also get 2 points for gas and groceries and 1 everywhere else. Check out the $20 Rewards Card for every 2,000 points earned and receive a $15 Birthday Gift during your birthday month. Pretty cool.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Big Lots


Children’s Place

Eddie Bauer

Fashion Bug

Kane Furniture


Pier 1 Imports

Pottery Barn


Victoria’s Secret



What Are The Rewards and Perks?

You will find most of the Comenity Bank credit cards have some types of perks and discounts for those specific stores.

Many times when you first apply for the credit card you will be given a 10% off coupon.

You will want to do your own research to find out the details and perks of each credit card before you apply online.

They do tend to differ on each of their benefit programs and will detail out what you can get for those specific store purchases.

Many times after you apply and give them your email address, they will continue to send you coupons that you can use for your favorite clothing.

This will be done through out the year.

How Do I Apply?

When you apply for a specific store credit card you can just do a search on Google.

It will identify the store credit card you are looking for and make it available to you via an online credit card application.

You will fill out the application online and submit it for approval. Once you are approved you will be contacted.

How High Will My Limit Be?

Your credit limit on Store credit cards will depend on your credit score.

Many times they can be from $5000 all the way to $10000.

You can find the application online when applying for a Comenity Bank credit card.

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