Credit One Bank Card Application

Credit One Bank Card Application

Credit One Bank offers those with bad or poor credit a chance to re-establish their credit.

The fees are higher of course as they specialize in offering credit cards to those with a need for this type of application that will cater to a lower credit score.

All the reviews we have researched on the Credit One Bank credit cards have actually been very positive. Most people really like the Credit One Bank® Credit Card with Gas Rewards in particular. It is popular because it gives you 1% back when filling up as well as no limit to the points you can earn.

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It seems in most reviews the input is that most people were thankful that they issued them a credit card with a bad credit score and that that understood the higher fees were a payoff to establishing their credit score.

Most had a positive experience and did rebuild their credit score up to a good or excellent status. This will then allow those consumer to get a credit card with lower interest and fees.

The Credit One annual fees are a bit steep and are in a range of $35 – $99. The key with a credit card that helps you re-establish your credit is to pay it on time and do not have a balance. This way you do not pay any interest so it is a mute point. It is only to improve your credit score and show you are responsible.

The annual fee is then worth it as most companies would not even take a chance on someone with bad credit.

Some other credit cards that you can compare and fill out a Credit One Bank Card Application on are listed below:

Credit One Bank® Credit Card – Online Credit Score Tracking Included
Credit One Bank® Platinum Card
Credit One Bank® – Earn More Credit Fast

How Do I Check My Credit One Card Application Status?

If you have already filled out a Credit One Card Application and want to check on the status you can visit their site at

Facts About Credit One Bank

Credit One Bank, N.A., or Credit One, is a U.S. based bank specializing in credit cards.

They have corporate offices in Paradise, Nevada. The bank is held by Credit One Financial, a bank holding company registered in Nevada.

Contact Information for Credit One Bank:

Important Phone numbers

Customer service: 1 (800) 797-4299

Credit card support: 1 (877) 825-3242

Official Site to Apply For Credit One Bank Cards

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