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fingerhut credit application

How Do I Apply For FingerHut Credit


FingerHut Credit Card Application

or line of credit can be found by going to the official site at

When you first get to their site and are new you will login and establish a username and password.

What is FingerHut?

FingerHut was founded in 1948 and are an online catalog retailer. When you apply for Credit you can get low monthly payments on top products and brands from Fingerhut’s catalog.

They have well over two hundred thousand items including Electronics, Home Improvement, Furniture, Kitchen appliances, cookware, bedding and bath and much more.

The application for a credit account is issued by WebBank.

It is important to remember with this FingerHut credit application comes responsibility and if you are late on making payments fees can be accessed as well as a credit line decrease or possible account cancellation.

So if you pay your payments on time it will reduce you balance and will help avoid late fees and build your credit history which can be a positive thing if trying to establish credit.

How Does The FingerHut Card Work?

It is very much like a typical credit card except FingerHut credit accounts can only be used for making purchases at FingerHut and cannot be used at other stores, gas stations or restaurants.

There are no balance transfers or cash advances associated with a Visa or MasterCard. FingerHut is not a bank so you will not see any of these type of features.

It is basically a line of credit for purchasing their online catalog merchandise and then making payments on those purchases over time. You will find that if you run a balance it typically is much higher than most credit cards so you will want to pay it in as short of a timeframe as possible.

There are no annual fees or membership fees with this card.

Normally if someone has had credit issues in the past, they may actually get credit through FingerHut and they even have a program called FreshStart.

You can always get ahold of a real person in customer service 24/7. This is an important feature of their business and it is nice to always be able to contact someone in case you have an issue that needs to be addressed.

What is FingerHuts Phone Number?

The two contact numbers below are for your reference:

Customer service: 1 (800) 208-2500

Sales: 1 (800) 603-7052

What is FingerHuts Website?

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