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GameStop Credit Card Review

The GameStop credit card is called the GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card. It is a card that many GameStop customers consider because the company’s employees frequently offer it to customers of the store.

In this review, we will discuss whether the PowerUp is a good choice, who would benefit the most from it, and what features set it apart from other credit cards.

GameStop has offered credit cards in the past, and the latest one is in line with their previous offerings. Please note that you must use it at Gamestop, and that is also the only way to earn the qualifying rewards.

What rewards does the PowerUp have?

Let’s start out with the rewards system. The PowerUp has an unusual structure to its rewards. There is a first-year bonus that is worth up to $20 if you spend at least $250 in that year, and the lowest the bonus can be is $10.

That is a pretty low bonus, but it is also easy to reach. After that, the rewards become less well-defined. GameStop advertises “exclusive deals and rewards” for cardholders, but it is not quite clear what that means.

Are there fees or other concerns?

This card has no annual fees, but it does have an elevated APR. That is a potential area of concern if you are applying for the card and plan to use it a lot. The good news is that you do not need to spend much in order to unlock the rewards.

Who should apply for the GameStop credit card?

The required credit rating for getting the GameStop card is poor to fair. The bar is not high and many people are able to get it. That, combined with the low rewards and high APR, makes this a good potential credit rebuilder card. It is a very good idea to have a card that can anchor down your credit.

The longer your credit accounts are open, the better your credit score will become. Because there is no annual fee, you can keep the PowerUp open as long as you want.

The bottom line is that while the PowerUp does not offer particularly good rewards or APR, the stakes are low due to the easy application process, the lack of fees, and the easy to reach reward goal.

You can apply for the card online or in person at a GameStop near you. Do some research and decide on whether it is worth your time to apply.

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