Harley Davidson Credit Card – Online Application

harley davidson credit card application

Harley Davidson Credit Card

The Harley Davidson credit card is issued by USBank and is just a cool credit card to have if you own a Harley. Typically this card is used by loyal Harley Davidson riders that want to earn points so they can redeem them for motorcycle repairs, maybe a new helmet or merchandise and gifts.

How Do I Earn Rewards With A Harley Davidson Credit Card?

There card you really want to qualify for is the H-D™ Visa Signature Credit Card. Don’t worry though if you have lower credit and don’t get approved you will automatically be considered for the Harley-Davidson® High Performance Visa® . If you have poor credit and still want the Harley Davidson Card they do have a secured card that is still the same look, just different benefits. If you have good credit go for the Signature card as we will explain the rewards and benefits below.

Ok so heres the scoop, you will earn H-D™ Genuine Rewards with every $1 net purchase:

This means the following amount of points translated below.

Rewards Program

3 points at Harley-Davidson® dealerships
2 points at gas stations, restaurants, bars and lodging
1 point everywhere else

Cool Benefits That Come With The Harley Davidson Card

There is no Pre-set Spending Limit as well as getting Travel Accident Insurance. You will also get premium offers and Roadside Dispatch.

How Do I Apply For The Harley Davidson Credit Card?

It is really simple. Just visit the USBank website below.


You will need to fill out the following sections on the online application to get approved.

This is your personal information, housing info and then income and employment questions. You will then check a box that you accept the terms and conditions of the card. You will get a response if a couple minutes whether you are approved for the Signature credit card.

Can I Use The Harley Davidson Credit Card To Make Other Purchases Outside of Their Stores?

Yes, absolutely you can use it anywhere that Visa is accepted. I actually was with a friend at lunch who uses his Harley Davidson card everywhere and pulled it out to pay for lunch. I was asking him about it and he really likes building the rewards so when he takes his motorcycle down to have any work on he can redeem the points as well as get 3 points in rewards for any other Harley purchases.

The bottom line is you are not restricted to using at just Harley Davidson and can use the card almost anywhere to build your rewards.

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