JCPenny Credit Card Application – Apply Online

jcpenny credit card application

JCPenny Credit Card Application

Apply Online for a JCPenny credit card to get all the rewards points that can be used toward special sales and offers. When you apply online you will get a 15% discount coupon on your first online purchase over the store. This also included free shipping. You can then build up rewards that can be redeemed for clothing, jewelry and much more.

jcpenny credit card applications

How Do I Apply For a JCPenny Credit Card?

First you will go to the official website that we have included in the paragraph below. Once you get to the online credit center you will the go the apply now button to be taken to the online application form to apply for the JCPenny credit card.

Step 2 is to enter all the requested information into the application form. This includes 3 key areas.

About You section – this will ask you to enter your name, address, phone numbers and email address. This is just very basic info on you. Annual net income will also be a key field that you will need to enter.

Statement Delivery – This just wants to know if you are willing to go to electronic statements where you will receive your account billing via email or if you want to continue getting these in the mail through regular postal delivery. Many people are opting for email delivery as it saves paper and is quicker as well as having an electronic records.

Verification is the final portion and you will enter your date of birth, social security number and you mothers maiden name.

You can then read through the credit terms. This is important to understand as this includes your interest rate paid on credit card balances as well as any fees associated with the card.

Once you read all the terms you will check the box saying you agree and then your application will be processed.

If your application is approved you will receive your cards in the mail.

Where Can I Find The JCPenny Credit Card Application?

We have included below the actual website where you apply for the JCPenny credit cards. It is called the online credit center and will take you to the site

Online Credit Center – Apply For a JCPenny Credit Card

How to Manage Your JCPenny Credit Card to Save Money

Here are a couple tips to ensure you are maximizing the use of your JCPenny credit card.

The interest rate on this department store credit card is over 26%. You have a grace period between purchases so you will want to make sure you always pay the full balance each month. This way you will never pay interest on the credit card.

Also always pay the card on time as the late fee is $35.

If you do this and just rack up reward points, the JCPenny credit card can maximize your savings on your purchases through their store or online website. JCPenny has modernized their stores and have a great selection of products and sales at After you get the credit card you will also get emails with offers and deals throughout the year.

To maximize your points you can sign up at to the My JCPenny Rewards program.

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