Loft Credit Card Application

Loft Credit Card Application

Loft Credit Card Application

If you love Loft stores and shop there regularly, this is a good choice for a credit card to apply for online or in the store.

When you apply with a Loft credit card application you will receive 15% off on your purchase.

Loft has an excellent section for petite woman’s clothing. If you are a woman who loves petite clothing you will find that their styles are classy and elegant. They also have regular sizes, but I would say this is a big benefit of their stores for woman who need petite size clothing and who want to save on purchases.

So if you regularly shop at Loft, this credit card is a good deal and you should consider applying online.

How Do I Apply Online With a Loft Credit Card Application?

Below we have included the path to the Loft credit card application for your convenience. Once you visit this page you will be asked to provide some information to apply and get approved.

Step 1 is to provide basic information on the application. Once you go to their official application page you will be asked for your name, address, email and other detailed info.

Step 2 You will read through the terms and sign an electronic consent form.

Below is the path to the online Loft credit card application.

A few important things to consider.

The interest rate on department store cards is usually higher than standard credit cards. Make sure you read the APR or interest rate for carrying a balance on the credit card.

It is not a good idea to carry a balance on these cards and it should be used to benefit from rewards or discounts you get by using the card and should be paid off each month.

There is no annual fee on this department store credit card.

This credit card is known as the Love Loft card or Ann Taylor Credit Card account.

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