Maurices Credit Card Application

Maurices Credit Card Application

Maurices Credit Card Application

Maurices is a women’s clothing store that offers apparel ranging from sizes 1 through 26. It offers great low prices and a nice selection for all tastes. If you frequently shop at the store, you might want to take advantage of the Maurices credit card application. The card carries plenty of rewards, but if you are considering signing up, it’s important to know everything you can about the Maurices credit card first.

Who Can Apply for a Maurices Credit Card?

Any resident of the United States who is at least of the age of 18 and holds a valid photo ID that was issued by the government can apply for the Maurices credit card. You must also have a mailing address within the country and a valid US social security number to apply.

What is the Maurices Credit Card APR and Other Fees?

Usually, retail stores offer consumers who are new to credit the opportunity to establish a good credit reputation. Many of these cards, including the Maurices one, also give people a chance to earn great rewards in the store. Unfortunately, many of these retail stores’ credit cards come with high interest rates. The Maurices card is definitely no exception to that rule. While it carries no annual fee, the APR amounts to 27.24 percent, which is quite high. The store also calculates minimum monthly payments based on whichever is greater: 3.5 percent of the balance or $5. In addition, at any time you are charged interest, you can expect a minimum charge of $2 from Maurices. Late payments and returns both carry an additional fee of up to $37.

What are the Benefits That Come with the Maurices Card?

Of course, like many retail store credit cards, the Maurices card comes with certain benefits. When you apply for the card in the store or online, you can receive a nice 15 percent discount on your first purchase in the mail. Additionally, Maurices gives you special offers to enjoy for your birthday as well.

Does Being a Maurices Cardholder Offer Rewards?

You receive certain perks when you fill out a Maurices credit card application. You can sign up either online, in the store or through the store’s app, MyMaurices, which can be downloaded to your iPhone or Android phone. Each year, you will receive a special birthday gift and gain sneak peek access to events and new products coming out at Maurices stores. You can also earn one point for each dollar you spend in the store and on the store’s website. When you have its credit card, Maurices emails a summary of rewards and points balances each month. Once you have earned 100 points, you receive $5 in rewards that you can spend in the store or online.

Is There a Minimum Credit Score to Qualify for the Maurices Card?

Many store credit cards will accept consumers with poor credit or those who are new to credit. The Maurices card is issued by Comenity Bank, which doesn’t specify a minimum credit score to qualify. Generally, if you have at least fair credit with no recent delinquencies, you will probably qualify for the credit card.

Overall, if you are a frequent shopper at Maurices, you will certainly benefit from having the store’s credit card. However, the high APR and other fees may be a hindrance to some consumers.

How Do I Find The Maurices Credit Card Application?

To apply for the Maurices credit card, go to the online application by visiting

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