MLB Credit Card Application – Get Bank of America Baseball Credit Cards

MLB Credit Card Application

Apply online and get Bank of America baseball credit cards for the teams you love. With the MLB credit card you earn rewards, benefits and perks while showing support for your team.

If you are looking for specific team baseball credit cards, Bank of America has exactly what you’re looking for in its MLB credit card. When you hold one of them, you are able to proudly display the logo and colors of your team of choice.

In addition, you can rack up some pretty nice rewards as well. If you are interested in signing up for one of these credit cards from Bank of America, apply online. It’s worth reading all about the rewards, fees and other details related to it.

What are the Rewards on the MLB BankAmericard Cash Rewards MasterCard?

The MLB BankAmericard Cash Rewards MasterCard offers significant awards.

When you apply with an online application and get approved, you can begin earning 3% cash back on all your gas purchases. You get two percent cash back on purchases made at grocery stores and wholesale clubs for up to $2,500. Then an addition one percent cash back on all your other purchases.

On top of those perks, you also have the opportunity to earn a cash bonus reward of $100. This is after you make at least $500 worth of purchases within the first 90 days after opening your account. It’s worth noting that you must apply for the MLB credit card online in order to get the latter bonus.

What is the APR or Annual Percentage Rate on the Card?

Not only will you get great cash-back rewards with the MLB credit card, but you can also enjoy an introductory zero percent APR on purchases. This is good for the first 12 billing cycles and zero percent APR on 12 billing cycles in the first 60 days.

After that time, you can expect it to return to the regular interest rate. On balance transfers you will pay 3% of the amount being transferred or $10. This is a good card to use if you need to transfer your balance from a higher interest card to save money when you pay it off.

You can also get an additional ongoing customer bonus of 10 percent. This is when you redeem your cash back rewards into your Bank of America savings or checking account. That’s a perk that certainly makes this one of the best baseball credit cards available.

What Kind of Fees Are Included with This Credit Card?

There are certain fees that are included with this credit card, just as there are fees associated with other credit cards. Foreign transaction fees are three percent. Late payment fees can be as much as $38. For a returned payment the fee is up to $27 and a minimum interest charge of $1.50.

In addition, you can face as much as a 29.99 percent penalty APR, depending on your creditworthiness. If you are responsible and make payments on time you should have no worries. If traveling you may want to utilize a travel credit card with no foreign transaction fees.

What are the General Advantages and Disadvantages of the Credit Card?

Fans of the great sport of baseball will absolutely love being able to display their favorite team’s logo and colors with this card. The cash back bonuses are also a great perk and there are no annual fees tied to the card. The zero percent introductory bonus is also nice. There is no cap on the amount of cash back you can earn.

Overall, the MLB credit card is a great option for individuals who love their cash back bonuses and a zero percent introductory APR. Be sure to read all the fine print when you consider signing up so that you know all the details of the credit card.

How Do I Apply For the MLB Credit Card?

Apply for the MLB credit card with your baseball teams logo. You will need to fill out an easy online application. Just visit the Bank of America website at

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