Old Navy Credit Card Application – Apply Online

old navy credit card application

Old Navy Credit Card Application

Apply Online for the Old Navy card which is one of the most popular department store credit cards.

Why Apply For an Old Navy Credit Card?

Oldnavy.com provides the latest fashions at excellent prices for the whole family. This includes a wide range of clothing for the family from jeans all the way through to loungewear plus cool accessories for Men’s, Women’s and Kids categories.

Most outlet Malls and other popular shopping centers have an Old Navy. If you tend to shop there often you might want to apply for the Old Navy credit card through an online application or just review and compare it first and if you think you would like to get some of the benefits you can then apply for it.

What are the Benefits of an Old Navy Credit Card?

You will earn 5 points for all Old Navy in store or online purchases. This can really add up quick if you like their brands and shop there regularly.

They also give you a point for everywhere you make purchases with this Visa card.

This card has Worldwide Visa acceptance and includes zero fraud liability and there is no annual fee.

What is the Navyist Rewards Card?

IF you earn 5000 points in a calendar year you will earn this status. It allows you to earn 20% extra rewards per quarter and you can get free online shipping at Old Navy, GAP, Banana Republic and Athleta with code NAVYIST.

See the image below with Details.

Navyist Card Rewards

How Do I Apply For The Old Navy Credit Card With The Online Application?

It is easy to apply for the Old Navy credit card. We have included the Website below to go to the online application to get approved and learn more.

Website to Apply:


Steps to fill out the online application for the Old Navy credit card:

1) Fill out some basic personal info like your name, address, email.
2) Fill out the short verification asking your DOB, Social security number and mothers maiden name.
3) It will then offer you optional security protection.

You will then submit.

It will also show you other terms, interest rates and information on the card.

One suggestion is to always pay off the Old Navy credit card each month. Interest rates are high on any department store credit card and you are wanting to build rewards and not pay high interest fees. By spending only what you can afford to pay off each month you avoid the interest fees yet build rewards that will save you on future purchases.

The Old Navy Credit Card Customer Support Phone Number is 1 (877) 222-6868.

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