Paypal 2% Cash Back Credit Card – Online Application

Paypal 2% Cash Back Credit Card

PayPal is not only the number one online payment processor in the nation. It’s also a financial company that offers an amazing credit card to people who qualify. If you enjoy PayPal’s services and competent customer service, and you want to earn money back using your card, you may be interested in applying for the Paypal 2% Cash Back Credit Card.

You may want to go ahead and read some of the information on it because it’s available for you. The following is some information about the card and all of the amazing things you can get from it.

What Is the PayPal 2% Cash Back Credit Card?

The PayPal Cash Back credit card is a credit card that the PayPal company offers to its customers. This is a new offering that the company decided to release to thank its clients for using its services. The company also wanted to provide its patrons another option if they were not interested in the points rewards system.

The Cash back card gives them the option to earn money on the purchase and then redeem that money for the things that they like.

Who Qualifies for the Paypal 2% Cash Back Credit Card?

To qualify for the PayPal cash back credit card, the applicant is going to need to be at least 18 years of age and be a United States citizen. The company is going to require the person to have a decent credit score, as well.

The PayPal Bill Me Later feature requires a score that is above 700 points. The PayPal MasterCard may not require that much of a high score, but the applicant will probably need to be in the higher rather than lower range. The person should have a decent income and a low debt-to-income ratio, as well.

The system has a preset criterion that it looks for, and it will auto-deny anyone who does not meet it. To be on the safe side, a consumer should not try to apply for the card until his or her credit score is in the area of about 680 points. There are several ways that one can boost a score like that.

What Are the Benefits of the Paypal 2% Cash Back Credit Card?

There are many benefits to this card. The main benefit is that it helps consumers to raise their credit scores. That’s always a plus. The second benefit is that cardholders can get money back for every purchase that they make with this card. Thirdly, they have the spare money on hand if they run into any emergencies. It’s a very convenient card to carry for anyone.

What Features Does the PayPal Cash Back Card Have?

The most prevalent feature of this card is the cash back feature. Cardholders can earn 2 percent off of every purchase they make with it.

There is no confusion about categories and any differences between purchases. The 2 percent cash back comes with every single purchase whether the person is buying milk, gasoline or gum. It does not matter, and that’s one of the things that makes this card stand out from the rest.

Another reason the PayPal card is a better option than the competitors is that it does not burden customers with stipulations on the rewards.

Cardholders can redeem their cash back at any time with no minimum amount to request it. There is also no limit on the amount of reward money that one can earn with his or her card. Many of the competitors have a cap on the amount that consumers can get, which takes some of the joy out of the cash back feature.

Additionally, the rewards that someone earns on his or her card never expire. Cardholders don’t have to worry about rushing to use the money for any reason. They can just go about their business, earn and redeem when they feel like it. It’s joyous to own a credit card that is not riddled with restrictions.

Freedom to use the rewards how one wants to use the reward is probably the greatest feature the card has to offer. As always, PayPal customers have access to fraud protection. PayPal stands by its customers when people try to use their card fraudulently. This cash back credit card won’t be any different than owning another PayPal card.

How Do You Apply for the PayPal Cash Back Card?

The application for the PayPal card is very simple, but the consumer has more than one approach. The first approach is to visit the website of the card and complete an online application. The second and most common approach is to apply for the card through the PayPal account.

The interested person will need to log into the PayPal account. The person may see an offer to apply for the card on the left-hand side of the account page. If not, the individual can type “PayPal MasterCard” into the search bar and the card will come up.

From there, it’s a just a matter of clicking “apply for credit card” and following directions. All new applicants will have to answer questions about employment, housing situations, income and so on. The system will then check and see if the other person meets the criteria, and it will supply an answer according to that.

If the answer is yes, then the individual will have a new card in no time. If that individual is you, then you will have a new card in no time.

Now you have some details about the PayPal cash back card.

To apply now just visit

If you gain approval, your card will be in the mail in seven to 10 business days.

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