Pottery Barn Credit Card Application

Pottery Barn Credit Card Application


Pottery Barn Credit Card Application

is an easy way to earn rewards and the benefits that come along with shopping at their store.

They were founded in 1949 and ship to 90 countries worldwide. They have offices in countries like Canada, the Middle East and Australia.

The have free complimentary design services and will even come out to your home.

Why Apply For The Pottery Barn Credit Card?

You will find the store full of really nice home furnishings and many people can really get addicted to shopping their. If you are one of these people who just love the Pottery Barn and are a loyal regular customer you will get $25 certificates that can be used for other merchandise that you can buy in their catalog or online for every $250 spent.

The Pottery Barn Credit Card application is easy to fill out and does have an excellent rewards program.

The one issue as with any department store credit card is that interest rates are high and you do not want to carry a balance on any of these cards. If you just know that up front and read all the terms of the rewards program you will save some money. But if you do not pay off the balance or do not understand all the details of the rewards program you may be upset later as you find out the terms were different than what you assumed.

Asking lots of questions before applying for the card makes allot of sense or just going to their website and reading all the details.

How Do Get To The Pottery Barn Credit Card Application?

You can visit their website below to review the details and get to the online application.

Website: http://www.potterybarn.com/customer-service/credit-card.html

You can also just visit the store or use the phone by calling 1.800.695.1788.

This credit card has no annual fee and you will receive special offers throughout the year. They also have online account management where you can view statements, pay your bills online and update your account information.

One thing to remember about the rewards program is that points are reviewed at the end of the billing cycle. So if you have 250 points you will receive $25. You also must use the certificate within 180 days.

Some people do not realize this and then get upset. So read through the information carefully about all the details on the rewards program.

In general you can receive up to 10% off purchases if you use their rewards program effectively.

So enjoy all the benefits of your Pottery Barn Credit Card if you choose to fill out the online application.

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