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Scheels Credit Card Review

Today’s credit cards come in all shapes and sizes. From standard credit cards to rewards credit cards and student credit cards, there are hundreds of options available. Some can only be used at specific locations, while others are designed for online purchases. Choosing the best one for your needs can be difficult. The Scheels credit card allows you to earn rewards not only in their stores, but for everyday transactions.

With millions of happy customers, the Scheels Credit Card offers a myriad of benefits. This financial tool is offered by First Bank, and can be used for any purpose. It’s ideal for paying your bills, buying products online, and saving money on purchases.

How Does the Scheels Visa Credit Card Work?

Issued by First Bankcard®, the Scheels Visa Credit Card is easy to apply for and receive. Users receive bonus points, gift cards, and special financing options. This product is available in Scheels stores, which specialize in sporting goods and outdoor gear. Customers who sign up for the Scheels Credit Card can use it for in-store purchases, online shopping, and personal transactions.

This card has no annual fees and comes in both secured and unsecured versions. It appeals to those who have no credit or want to build a strong credit rating. Customers receive access to a free mobile app that makes it easy to make payments and manage the transactions completed with the Scheels Visa Credit Card. They also enjoy a wide range of benefits, such as extra protection, recurring bank draft, and reward points.

What Perks Does This Credit Card Offer?

The Scheels Visa Credit Card is much easier to obtain compared to other credit cards. It comes with low interest rates and provides three bonus points on every dollar spent. Customers who reach 2500 points receive a $25 gift card. They also get 1500 points as a sign-up bonus for their first purchase using the card. After a few months, they can pay a low annual fee to increase their credit card limit.

One of the biggest benefits of using this card is that you don’t have to shop exclusively at Scheels to receive points. Additionally, it’s no need to worry about points expiring. As soon as you reach 2500 points, you’ll automatically receive a gift card.

This financial tool also enables users to track their FICO bank score via their monthly statements or online, choose a card design that suits their needs, and work their way to a better credit score. All clients receive First Guard Zero Liability protection, which is a nice feature for those who lose their cards or fall victim to fraudulent purchases.

How to Apply for the Scheels Visa Credit Card

Applying for this credit card is quick and easy. All you have to do is to fill out an online form with your personal information, agree to the terms and conditions, and call the number provided on the First Bankcard website to activate your card. When you’re done, log into your online Scheels credit card account to pay household bills, check your balance, or send money.

Now that you know how the Scheels Visa card works, try it out! Use it every time you go shopping in order to earn points and make savings.

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