Sears Credit Card Application

sears credit card applications

Sears Credit Card Application

– is the official site to apply for Sears Credit Cards.

There are two types of Sears Credit Cards when you get to the site to fill out a Sears Card Application.

1) Sears Card® – This is a regular Sears card and it will get you special cardmember savings and coupons.

2) Sears MasterCard® Card – The other is a Sears Credit Card Application through Citi which gives you not only the normal card membership benefits but also exclusive MasterCard benefits too.

Benefits of a Sears Credit Card

The Sears credit card has rotating categories where you can earn points and get specific discounts just by signing up online.

You can also get special financing through your membership, just by applying for a Sears credit card.

The rewards program for Sears Credit Cards is through a program called Shop Your WaySM.

The members get more points when you use your Sears card. Actually you can get 2X the points on qualifying purchases.

If you are not a member you can get access using the instructions below:

1) You can join for free in store or online at .

2) Then call 1-800-669-8488

3) You can also visit to link your accounts.

What is Shop Your Way?

Shop Your Way is a FREE program that lets you earn points for every $1 you spend on qualifying purchases at Sears.

Of course when you are a cardmember, you will also have $0 Liability on Unauthorized Purchases.

You also have access to your account 24/7 and can make payments and manage other accounts setting all online. This makes it easy to utilize your Sears credit card and take advantage of all the rewards and benefits without having to call customer service.

How Do I Find a Sears Credit Card Application?

You can visit

Applying for a department store credit card is a decision you can make depending on the benefits it will give you based on how frequent a customer you are at that store.

Reviewing other credit card options for credit cards that are more generic through Citi, Capital One or other issuers is a smart option before making a decision to open another department store credit card.

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