Surge Credit Card Application

Surge Credit Card

Surge Credit Card Application

The Surge credit card is a MasterCard® for all types of credit. This is a card to help people re-establish their credit. You get 3 bureau reporting which is important when trying to rebuild your credit score.

5 Benefits of The Surge Credit Card

1. Use it anywhere MasterCard® is accepted.

With the Surge credit card application come alone with it the benefits that come with having a MasterCard®. This really allows you to use your card everywhere. It is great for online shopping on Amazon or Walmart as well as booking travel for airline tickets, hotels or rental cars.

2. Monthly Reporting To The 3 Major Credit Bureaus

This card is geared towards people that have bad or poor credit and want to re-establish their credit history. One of the best ways to do this is to qualify and apply for a credit card that reports to the top credit bureaus. This credit card does that so mission accomplished.

You will want to make payments on time or even ahead of schedule to ensure you rebuild your credit score.

3. Initial Credit Line to $500

You will apply with the Surge credit card application and can become eligible for $500 in credit. This is typical for a credit card that caters to those with a lower credit score.

4. Fast and Easy Application

Instead of waiting for days, you will get results in seconds.

5. All Credit Scores Are Welcome to Apply

One really great thing about the Surge card is that you can apply no matter what type of credit.

How Do I Apply For The Surge Credit Card?

Just go to the website at

You will be asked for detailed information and verification of employment. The application is easy and only takes a few minutes. When you submit your application you will get results in seconds.

This credit card also has 24/7 online account management. This allows you to do everything online and keeps you up to date on your payments and account status.

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