The JetBlue Card Application at Barclaycard’s

The JetBlue Credit Card Application

The JetBlue Card Application at Barclaycard’s

JetBlue is a popular airline that has a credit card rewards program called TrueBlue. You can earn a bonus by spending $1000 in the first 90 days of getting your account. This credit card if for those with good or excellent credit.

If you already have a JetBlue credit card through American Express you will not need to reapply as your rewards earned and everything will automatically be transferred when you receive your one issued by Barclaycard.

If you do not have The JetBlue Card you can read more about the card below and how to apply to get approved.

What Does the JetBlue TrueBlue Rewards Program Include?

One of the nice features of this card is that as you earn travel rewards you will find that there are no blackout dates on any JetBlue operated flights. This means you can fly anyway 365 days a year while redeeming your points for that flight and on any seat. Points don’t expire and they even have family pooling of your rewards.

Now regarding your points and how those are earned you will find that you can earn 3 TrueBlue points with each dollar you spend on purchases that are made directly with JetBlue Airways. You will get 2 points for restaurants and grocery stores. Then 1 point for any other purchases. Points earned are unlimited as long as your account remains open and you are in good credit standing.

If you like watching movies or getting a drink on your flights, the 50% discount on inflight purchases will come in as a nice savings.

You are 100% covered against fraud on your card and this card has built in chip technology for extra security.

There are also no foreign transaction fees associated with the JetBlue card. This just means that when your are traveling internationally you will not be charged for doing transactions regarding purchases.

How Do I Redeem My Reward Points?

Once you start building up your points on the JetBlue card you will want to do the following to use them to book flights.

1) Go to

2) Sign in to your TrueBlue account.

3) Click on Book Travel

4) Then just select the option to search using points.

How Do I Find The JetBlue Card Application?

We have included the link to the Barclaycard’s page for The JetBlue Card Application below. Once you get to the website you will just go to the apply now button and fill out your personal information and details based on the instructions on the online application.

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