Toys R Us Credit Card Review – Online Application

Toys R Us Credit Card Review

Toys R Us Credit Card Review

Toys “R” Us fans will love the Toys R Us credit card that the company offers. It’s perfect for consumers who have children or babies on the way because of the discounts that the card can help them receive on those items. The Toys “R” Us MasterCard isn’t just a card that gives benefits only to people who shop at Toys “R” Us, however.

Cardholders can earn points when they shop elsewhere also. The Toys R Us credit card is an amazing option for people who need to improve their credit scores, as well. Customers can boost their reputations while they are buying the gifts that make their children happy.

Who Qualifies for the Toys R Us Credit Card?

An applicant needs to be a United States citizen to qualify for the Toys “R” Us card. The person needs to Be 18 years of an age, as well. The credit score should be 660 or above. The chances of obtaining approval lower drastically after that. Additionally, the applicant should have a stable job with a decent income.

What Are the Benefits of the Toys “R” Us Card?

The main benefit of the card is that the cardholder can earn points with every purchase. Cardholders earn two points for every dollar they spend when they shop at Toys “R” Us. They still earn money when they shop at other establishments, but the amount is less.

They earn one point for every $4 they spend on items outside of the scope of Toys “R” Us and related stores. The redemption center is available for cardholders who have to earn enough points.

The Thursday discount is another benefit of having a Toys “R” Us card. Cardholders can earn 10 percent off the purchases that they make inside of Toys “R” Us establishments. New cardholders can get 15 percent off of their purchases.

Another benefit of this card is the special financing. Cardholders may be able to defer their payments and get special financing when they buy something valued at $299 or more. The financing could be for six months or 12 months. The perks associated with this card are almost endless.

How Do Consumers Feel About the Toys “R” Us Card?

Customers are generally pleased with the card. The consumers who praised the card did so because of the generous credit line that the company gave when they first opened their cards. Other consumers liked the benefits and the appreciation that the credit card company showed toward them. The card has an average rating of 3.7 stars by almost 300 cardholders and customers.

How Can I Get a Toys “R” Us Card?

Getting a Toys “R” Us Card is not complicated. The easiest way to apply is to visit the website and hit the “apply” button. The applicant will have to answer some questions about his or her finances, housing situation and personal details. The provider will give an answer to the application quickly. The new card will arrive in about two weeks.

To apply you can just visit their site at

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