Trio Credit Card – Fifth Third Bank Online Application

Trio Credit Card Application

Trio Credit Card

The Trio credit card is a MasterCard you can get approved for with a Fifth Third Bank online application.

What Benefits Come With The Fifth Third Bank Trio Credit Card?

I was actually amazed at how great the benefits are on this card. Below is a detailed summary of key highlights.

Great For Shopping

Price Protection gives you peace of mind that if you find another products that is the same you will get the difference.

Extended Warranty lets you double your extended warranty.

Digital Payments – Use it with Apple Pay® or Samsung Pay® on your phone to make payments.

Do You Get Travel Services With The Trio Credit Card?

This Trio credit card has some really cool features regarding travel. You get the MasterCard Priceless® Cities which are perks to exclusive events at cities around the world. You can check offers through

Feel like a VIP when you are using the MasterCard Travel Services™. This lets you connect with a dedicated personal travel advisor 24/7. They will help you plan and setup vacations and travel plans.

Is The Trio Credit Card Secure?

You better believe it. This credit card is chip enabled and you have zero fraud protection on anything you do not authorize.

How Do I Apply For The Trio Credit Card?

There are really 3 easy ways to apply for the Trio credit cards.

You can visit their website at

Number two is to just visit one of their branches personally.

If you are a little shy or too busy to go down to the branch I suggest going to the website to fill out the online application.

Third and not least, there is always the phone. The customer service line is at 866-671-5353.

What About Fees on The Trio Card?

Your in luck, since it is a travel card there are no international foreign transaction fees. Best of all there is zero annual fee.

How Does The Trio Credit Card Cash Back Rewards Work?

It works great for those traveling and eating out a lot. This card gives 3% cash back for restaurants and grocery stores. When you fuel up the vehicles you get 2% earnings on gas. Then 1% on everything else you spend money on.

Currently you can get a cash bonus when you sign up and spend a certain amount within 3 months of your account being open. Always check the details as the bonus can change.

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