Walmart Credit Card Application – Apply for a Credit Card

Walmart has a number of great options for credit card applications for Discover Cards, Prepaid Credit Cards such as the BlueBird Card by American Express.

Wal-mart is a huge retailer that makes billions of dollars. They take care in what they do as well as long term decisions. They have a great lineup of credit cards and filling out a Walmart credit card application is a smart first step to managing your credit.

They offer great convenience for paying bills, getting cash back savings and rewards as well as all the benefits that come along with a good credit card.

You can get up to 5 cents per gallon discount available with the use of a consumer Walmart Credit Card as the payment type. So whatever the current price of gasoline you can knock off 5 cents from that. This is a pretty good deal for consumers.

On their site you can also find Reviews & Detailed Information about the Walmart® Credit Card.

You can Compare their card to other Popular Offers & Apply Online for the Walmart® Credit Card or another one if you find it to be a better deal. Check out the offerings right here on this page.

Walmart Credit Card accounts that enroll in electronic statements may also enroll to receive a monthly FICO® Credit Score.

Most people tend to like to get a Walmart credit card application online. You can still fill one out the old way an mail it in but it is much faster just to take care of it through the website.

After applying for a Walmart credit card there are some people that do not get approved quickly. Usually you will know within a few minutes. if not, you may have to wait and then later check this fairly quickly.

To check on the status of your Walmart credit card application, please call Walmart Credit Services at 1-877-969-3668. If your application has been approved, This is the official walmart credit card application phone number.

To apply go to a credit card comparison site or one of the reviews and you will see the issuers that can approve the card application.

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