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Macy’s Credit Card

With Black Friday Shopping just around the corner and with all the big sales coming up at one of the top department store chains, a Macy’s credit card can save you up to 20% when you fill out their online application and get approved.

Macy’s is a chain of department stores owned by Macy’s, Inc. It is one of two divisions owned by the company with the other being the upscale Bloomingdale’s. You will usually find a Macy’s in every city including the famous store in New York City. Macy’s has been featured in movies and is associated with ThanksGiving with their huge parade each year.

When you shop at Macys.com you will get free shipping. Macy’s also has the latest fashion brands on Men’s and Women’s Clothing including Accessories. You will also find many other categories of popular shopping items such as Jewelry, Beauty, Shoes and Home products. Macy’s stores have a unique and beautiful style of their own and if you are a frequent shopper you will want to look at their credit card options and benefits.

How Do I Apply For A Macy’s Credit Card?

The Macy’s Credit Card can be found at the official site www.macys.com/mymacyscard. You will find it is their main site for not only applying for a new Macy’s card but also to open an account to make payments and overall management of this popular department store credit card.

When you go to www.macys.com/mymacyscard you will first see the image below to apply.

Macy's Credit Card Application

1) You will Select the “apply & learn more” link from the footer of any macys.com page.
2) You will then see you are being transferred from macys.com to a Department Stores National Bank website managed by Citibank N.A. who is the issuer of the Macy’s Credit Card.
3) You must select “continue” to navigate to the credit servicing site to apply for your new credit card.
4) It is a simple as just filling out all the required fields and then review the Terms & Conditions before submitting your application.
5) Once approved you will have the ability to shop at macys.com or at a Macy’s store where you can enjoy the new account discount.

That’s pretty much it! Most of the time the approval will be immediate, yet sometimes it can take up to 7 – 10 days.

How Do I Apply For A Macy’s American Express Credit Card?

To apply for a Macy’s American Express® Card you can just apply at any register in any Macy’s store. If you want to just apply for a normal Macy’s card you can just do it online.

What Else Can I Do At www.macys.com/mymacyscard?

When you visit My Macy’s Credit Card site you will find out that you can do more than just applying for the new card.

You can also create a profile to pay your bills online. It will also help you checkout faster on Macys.com when shopping online over their site. You can also enjoy some additional benefits so it is worth setting up the profile page.

You can also Activate your Macy’s American Express® Card online over this page. It is easy and only takes a few seconds to activate the credit card online.

Another nice thing about setting up the profile page is you will be able to login to your Macy’s credit card and check your account balance so you are always aware of your charges and how much to pay each month on your balance.

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