– Pre Approved Invitation Offer

is the official site for the Pre Approved Citibank Card offer.

This pre approved mail offer includes 0% introductory rates on purchases and balance transfers. You will also see there is no annual fee and you can review the rewards included in this offer.

To Apply Now for the CitiBank Card Offer Follow the instructions:

1) Go to

2) Enter your Pre Approved invitation number to go to the online application to get approved.

You will find your personal Invitation Number directly above your address on your offer letter or application form.

3) Fill out the personal information requested.

4) Finish the application process and wait for the approval process to run and give you an answer.

If you are approved you will receive the Citi Card in the mail usually within a couple weeks.

There are a few ways you can apply online for the CitiBank Credit Card.

First, you can just go to the PreApproved site at

Second, you can call the 800 Number and apply over the phone via customer service.

Third, you can mail the offer in and wait for the approval.

You can also compare other credit cards by looking at the Best Credit Card offers via a comparison site.

The Citi Credit Card application is easy and quick to fill out online and would recommend this method.

You were pre qualified for this credit card offer based on your FICO score.

Citi offers credit cards for 0 Balance Transfers, 5% Cash Back, Travel Rewards as well as Business credit cards.

You will find that the benefits are exceptional with all of their personal or business cards.

Most include Product Protection, Extended Warranty, Price protection, as well as travel benefits.

Online credit card applications are secure and have replaced the slower mail in methods of applying for a Citi credit card.

Take advantage of your Pre-Approved offer now and apply at

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