Bank of America Business Credit Cards – BizCash Offer

Bank of America Business Credit Cards is the official site for the Bank of America Business credit card that allows you to earn cash back on everyday purchases. You can apply for this card via an online application at the site.

What are the Benefits of the Cash Rewards for Business MasterCard?

This BizCash offer is has been sent to loyal Bank of America small business customers that have earned the right to enjoy great rewards.

bank of america bizcash offer

No Annual Fee

First off there is no annual fee associated with this BOA business credit card. The Cash Rewards for Business MasterCard can simply earn you automatic cash back on your everyday purchases. We will go into a bit more detail below breaking down the exact percentages you can earn.

Cash Back Rewards

OK we will start by saying there is no limit to the base rewards you can earn and they never expire. For those that use this card for everything through the month exceeding $4000 or more on this card will earn you a 50% loyalty bonus on your total purchases.

You will earn 3% cash back when filling up at the gas stations and also buying computer equipment, office furniture and other supplies at office supply stores. Get 2% back at restaurants and a steady 1% on all other retail purchases.

How Do I Redeem the Points Earned on this Bank of America Business Credit Card?

This BizCash offer allows you to redeem your cash rewards as a deposit into any Bank of America savings or checking account.

You can earn even more rewards by adding employee cards that allow you to track their expenses online with detailed spending reports. This is a really slick feature that many small business owners really like using for tax purposes.

What Are The Security Features With This MasterCard Credit Card?

You get greater security with this credit card as it utilizes chip technology which is now the security standard in the US and 130 other countries.

How Do I Apply For This Bank of America Business Credit Card Offer?

You can apply for Bank of America Business credit cards and this offer by going to

bank of america business mastercard application

This business credit card application is simple to fill out and can be complete in as little as 5 to 10 minutes.

There are 3 parts to the application.

You will first fill out the Business Name and Address, then the business legal and financial information.

The last step is to fill in some personal info and you can also request any additional employee cards if applicable.

That is it! Apply online now.

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