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is the official site for the Blue Cash Everyday cash back credit card offer.

This is an interesting card offer that allows you to earn reward dollars on regular everyday purchases.

What Purchases Can I Earn Cash Back Rewards?

The Blue Cash Everyday card focuses on the items you spend on the most. For example you will get the following percentage rewards on the following items highlighted below.

1) U.S Supermarkets – Gets you 3% cash back.

2) Gas Stations – You will earn 2% cash.

3) Department Stores – This will also get 2% for your shopping.

4) Everything else – You will earn 1% rewards.

This is the way you would expect rewards to be if you were wanting to maximize on regular purchases. Most people spend allot on groceries and food, so the 3% really makes sense.

It is always nice to save on gasoline and shopping at department stores can add up so getting the 2% in rewards also makes good sense.

How Can I Redeem These Cash Back Rewards?

Once you start building up your reward dollars you can use them in a few ways.

One of the easiest is just through a statement credit. This will just take the balance down by the amount you decide to apply to your card balance.

Another way is to utilize those rewards for gift cards or merchandise. So if you like to get and use gift cards it can be a great way to have them in your pocket to save a few bucks.

What Are The Key Benefits of Signing Up?

The Blue Cash credit card has a zero percent introductory rate. This is good for purchases and balance transfers and can be up to 15 months in duration.

If you were looking to transfer a higher interest credit card balance to a lower 0% rate this is a good opportunity to do it. It is just a plus to this card offer.

You can also potentially get a cash back bonus if you spend a specific amount on the card within the first 3 months. You will have to go to the site and review the details to see if a cash back bonus is offered.

Once the introductory offer is over the interest rate will return the variable rate.

There is also no annual fee with this credit card.

How Do I Apply or Contact American Express About This Card Offer?

You can call at 1-800-297-2274

You can visit the official site at and enter your RSVP code.

You will find that on the credit card offer letter at the bottom.

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