– ApplyNow – ApplyNow for your Citi Credit Card. If you received an email invitation for the Citi Thank you card you are in the right place.

Many of us are used to receiving pre approved invitations in the mail. Some throw them away and others read the details and can see the value of applying and getting a credit card with a long term low interest rate, purchase protection, unlimited rewards, purchase protection, extended warranty.

With Citi ThankYou® Rewards you can earn ThankYou® Points and redeem them for great rewards like gift cards, electronics and cash rewards. This is really a great deal and remember when you buy electronics with the offer you get extended warranty and purchase price protection.

Redeem points from a large selection of gift cards including dining, entertainment and retail – to an amazing selection of valuable rewards such as electronics, travel rewards, home goods, books and media, charitable donations or even cash. This is a really nice selection of options on the ways you can use your rewards.

Earn 2 points per dollar spent on dining at restaurants and entertainment. Earn 1 point per dollar spent on other purchases.

Redeem for flights, hotels, cars, travel packages and activities. Air travel bookings eliminate hassles like limited seat availability, limited airline choices and black-out dates. This is a really important aspect of a travel rewards card. You want a credit card with allot of flexibility where the dates you travel are not restricted.

With Citi’s Personal Concierge Service, you’ll always know the best places to stay and eat, where to shop and how to get around. It is like your virtual private assistant. This is a premium card that you can get via the e-mail offer in the mail or just by utilizing a credit card comparison site like ours.

Get the offer today and ApplyNow!

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