Discover Apply For It Credit Card Offer

Discover Apply For It

Discover Apply For It – is the invitation that offers you 0% APR, 5% Cash Back and No annual fees along with top benefits.

The official site allows you to enter your invitation number that you received on your pre-approved mail offer.

You prequalify for the card when the issuer runs your credit report to see if you meet the minimum credit worthiness to apply for this credit card offer.

Discover Card has two offers for the Discover It credit cards.

The first is geared more towards a low introductory offer for purchases and balance transfers. It offers a term that is shorter than the balance transfer offer. Currently this offer is for 14 months.

The balance transfer card is a separate offer and it’s introductory offer extends up to 18 months. This included a 3% transaction fee for the initial transfer. After this there are no fees and you will enjoy a long term 0% APR regarding the interest rate.

The Discover Apply For It offer also has benefits that come along with this card that includes extended warranty and purchase protection in case you were to damage an item you purchased or even if it gets stolen in the first 30 days after the purchase.

There are allot of other benefits that you can read about after you fill out the online application to apply for the card.

This issuer requires excellent credit when you apply and it is considered a premium credit card.

There are some institutions that do not accept Discover, but more and more businesses are and it is rare when I have had someone not accept it.

Even McDonalds and many restaurants and gas stations accept it and will even have the logo displayed showing their business takes the Discover Card.

It is also considered to be the best shopping credit card and the cash back points can really be stretched when you redeem them for gift cards to their partners. This can be a really great deal.

So if you have received this credit card invitation in the mail for the Discover Apply For It offer at the official site you can get it now.

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