– Apply For Discover Card is the official site where you can Apply For Discover Card.

When you go to the official site or visit a comparison site, you can get to the Discover® Card Application.

The primary advantage to the offer is that it gets you a 0% introductory interest rate. This is great for large purchases or balance transfers.

It also is know for the Cash Back points and rewards. This normally comes out to about 5% on gasoline, groceries and restaurants. But, these change in quarterly categories that you have to check and keep up on.

So What is The Best Credit Card By Discover?

You have 3 key options:

1) Discover Credit Card for Purchases – This has a shorter timeframe on balance transfers. But, if you do not need the transfer you will be better off getting the shorter 0% intro offer. The balance transfer credit card option was 0% for 18months after the transfer.

2) Discover Card for Balance Transfers – This card has a shorter timeframe on low interest for purchases and focuses almost entirely on the balance transfer at 18 months with zero interest. There is generally a 3% fee to do the initial transaction.

3) Discover Card for Students – Apply for Discover student credit cards to get a great deal for use during college. These have the same Cash Back deals and low interest rates with no annual fee. They are geared for the student with no credit that wants to use it for college transactions.

How Do I Apply For The Discover Card?

The Discover card invitation code is on the pre-approved mail offer. If you go to the official site you will enter it and then it will let you apply online with the Discover Card Application.

If you go to a comparison site that compares the best credit cards you would just go directly to the online application directly from there site. Usually you will see the credit card and it will say Apply Here or Now. You just click on that button and it will direct you to the Discover online application where you can get approved in seconds.

The invitation is essentially and offer that has pre-qualified you based on your credit score. So if you get an offer in the mail you have been reviewed ahead of time and you should get approved for this offer.

It is also a good idea to compare other credit cards before making any decision. You can compare and review other offers and then proceed with the Discover Card Application.

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