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is the official site for the Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card Offer. If you received a pre approved invitation in the mail you can apply via an online application and get approved in seconds.

What Benefits Do I Get With The Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card?

Unlimited Cash Back

Before with the regular Chase Freedom card you would have a cap on how much you can earn. This is what is cool about the new Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card as it is virtually unlimited on what you can earn.

Its simple, just earn 1.5% unlimited cash back on everything you purchase. Your cash back rewards will not expire as long as your account remains open and you can redeem this cash back anytime and for any amount. This was a really smart way for Chase credit cards to change the Freedom to be unlimited as having that dollar restriction was always hard to track.

0% Intro Rates

Another perk for going with this offer is an extended zero percent APR interest rate that goes out for 15 months. This includes both purchases and balance transfers. Many time these cards will only go 6 or 12 months so locking in a 0% balance transfer for fifteen months is really nice on the wallet.

If you were thinking of making a big purchase for an appliance or new HDTV this credit card offer could be perfect timing as you can make the purchase and have small payments for the intro period and then pay it off while paying absolutely no interest.

Some people may have accumulated some credit card debt over the last few years or maybe took a vacation and would like to just transfer those higher interest rate cards over with a balance transfer. This also gives you a good opportunity to consolidate credit card debt into one 0 interest payment.

No Annual Fee

We all look for those credit cards where we pay no annual fee. Well this is the perfect card because it not only gives you unlimited cash back, a zero interest rate for 15 months, but it has no annual fee. The combination of these three key factors is what makes this such an excellent credit card to obtain through this offer.

How Do I Apply For The Chase Freedom Unlimited Offer?

It is really easy to apply and Chase boasts a 15 second decision.

1) Just apply at their site at

2) You will be taken to the pre approved invitation screen that looks like the image below. Pre Approved Invitation

3) Once you get to the screen you will be asked to input your 12 digit invitation number from your mail offer letter.
4) You will then enter your zip code.
5) Finish with your last name and then submit.
6) You will then be taken to the Chase Freedom Unlimited credit card application. Fill out the information requested and get approved.

What is The Contact Number If I Need Help?

It is really easy to apply online at But, if you have issues we have included a contact number below for you to get assistance.

Contact Number is 800-229-0107

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