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Current Updated Information:

The official site of the pre-approved credit card offer by PNC Bank is

With PNC Bank you can earn bonus points. You should review the bonus offer at the time of application as it can change over time.

You can earn cash back rewards with this credit card offer. Another nice thing about the My New Visa offer is that there is no annual fee.

How Does This PNC Visa® Credit Card Offer Work?

OK here is how it works guys and gals: You have three key choices that come with this offer. We break down the details of each PNC Visa credit card below.

PNC CashBuilder® Visa® Credit Card – Do you like to get lots of cash back for your purchases?

OK if you do with this card You will receive a $100 Cash Bonus after you make $1000 or more in net purchases1 during the first 3 billing cycles following account opening.

PNC points®Visa® Credit Card – If you like a good rewards credit card PNC has one of those too and You’ll get 50,000 bonus points after you make $750 or more in qualifying purchases3 during the first 3 billing cycles following account opening.

PNC Flex® Visa® Credit Card – If you sometimes carry a balance and are just wanting a low interest rate this is the credit card for you.

What Will You Get With This Offer from

1) Bonus Offer-50,000 Points

It is always nice when you can utilize your credit card for savings just by using it daily at the grocery store or gas station. Even when you pay bills with your credit card. Just Make Your Purchases Count Toward Rewards with a PNC points® Visa®.

2) $100 Cash Back Offer

This is a really great deal when you can Get 0% Intro APR & Cash Back! You can also save more when you Apply for a PNC CashBuilder® Visa®.

3) 0% Balance Transfer Offer

Get a long term interest rate with this Intro APR for 18 Billing Cycles. Better yet you have No Annual Fee. If you received the pre approved offer in the mail you can apply for any of the credit cards offered as you were pre qualified because of your good credit score.

4) Compare PNC® Cards

This great credit card will Earn you $100 or 50,000 Bonus points. Just Apply for a PNC Credit Card Today to get this excellent offer.

A few more key features:

Cash Back Card

You Earn cash back virtually every time you use your CashBuilder credit card to shop and there are No caps on cash back earning potential.

Rewards Cards

Redeem points for cash rewards, exciting merchandise, gift cards, travel and more and You’ll be automatically enrolled in the PNC points® program.

How Do I Apply For a PNC Visa® Credit Card Offer?

You can apply for the PNC Visa® credit card offer by following the steps below.

If you have received the mail offer make sure you have it with you when applying.

You will visit the official site at

You will then be asked to enter the 8-digit Reservation Number on you letter.

It also asks for the last 4 of your social security number.

You then click on the I accept button on their site.

This will take you to the online credit card application where you will fill out the requested information.

Thats it! Yes, it’s that easy.

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