Invitation Number – Slate Credit Card Application invitation number Invitation Number is the official site for the Chase Slate Credit Card Application.

Key Features of the Chase Slate Credit Card Offer:

1) 0% Interest on Balance Transfers and Purchases:

You get a 0% APR interest rate on purchases and balance transfers. This allows you to have no interest rates for an extended term to make balance transfers a great deal to reduce your balances.

2) No Fee on Balance Transfers:

Your Invitation Number will allow you to receive a no fee balance transfer. This is rare as most credit card balance transfer offers charge you between 3 – 5% in fees for doing the initial transaction. With the Slate card application a transfer is zero.

3) No Annual Fees:

Many credit cards will try to sneak in a annual fee for using their card. With the pre-approved credit card offer you pay no annual fees as long as you have their credit card.

4) You will get 24/7 Customer Service:

You can count on the Chase Slate credit card to provide you with the very best customer service. Whether you just have a question about your credit card or balance to needing assistance with a balance transfer they will be there for you and walk you through the process. This is 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, so you can feel secure with this credit card in your wallet.

Chase is a large financial institution providing financial services to customers and many products including credit card offers.

Slate credit cards have easy online applications and are secure to complete. You should always review all offers available on other comparison sites first to make an informed decision. You can find other comparison sites right here and compare before making your final decision and then apply now by going to that issuers online app.

We know you will find the very best 0% APR, Balance transfers, reward credit cards, cash back with benefits like purchase protection and extended warranty when comparing credit cards.

Use your pre approved invitation to fill out Chase Slate Credit Card applications online. A reservation number may need to be provided by not always necessary when reviewing other offers.

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