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The Explorer Card is a United Airlines Visa Credit Card that has a number of benefits for those that fly frequently on this airline.

What Benefits Do I Get By Applying at

This is an exciting credit card that’s goal is getting United Airlines credit card miles.

Benefits? Plenty that we explain below so keep reading:

Bonus Miles

You will get bonus miles for making purchases breaking $1000 in the first 3 months your account opens. You will get 2 bonus miles for tickets purchased through United Airlines for your travel plans. Then earn 1 point for anything else you buy.

One of the best things that comes along with this card is is that miles don’t expire.

Priority Boarding

The priority boarding is worth it an makes up for the annual fee. When you carry on how many times have you got stuck in one of the later zones and the plane is packed. You then end up checking your luggage anyway. Now you will get a zone where after priority boarding you always go first and can always find an overhead spot for your carry on luggage. It is one of the best features and perks of getting one of these airline miles credit cards as far as I am concerned.

First Bag Checked Free

This is a great benefit and also saves money and can really add up and helps offset any annual fee.

No Annual Fee the First Year

The annual fee is $0 for the first year and then $95 after this year is up. This compares to the Delta SkyMiles card with the same amount for their annual fee. So what else is different?

No Foreign Transaction Fees

There is also no fees on foreign transactions which is really great when you are traveling and hate getting those foreign transaction fees on your credit card statement.

Credit Card Security

This card is chip enabled to give you the maximum security you and your family deserves.

Purchase Protection

This is like having insurance on any of your purchases and if anything happens you can get reimbursed. This is a great benefit to have with any card, but when you are traveling it is nice to have this built in as a feature.

How Does The Explorer Card for United Airline Compare to Other Credit Cards Like American Express, Capital One or Citi?

Below is a chart via compliment to The Explorer Card website. You can compare some of the bigger travel credit cards like the American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card, Citi®/AAdvantage® Platinum Select® MasterCard or the Capital One®
Venture Card. The Explorer Card

How Do I Apply For The Explorer Card For United Airlines Bonus Miles and Get to The Online Application?

It is really easy to apply for and we have included the website below for you to go directly to the online application to apply.

Just Go to

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