Card Offer from Bank of America

My New Card Offer from Bank of America is an invitation to apply for a pre approved credit card through BOA.

Bank of America is a large multinational banking and financial institution. It provides banking services, credit cards and mortgage loans and services. They maintain financial products and services to help assist individuals and business the ability to attain their financial objectives.

How Do I Apply for This Offer?

It is simple to apply and your credit has been reviewed and pre qualified. This is why you were sent the offer.

It is a smart idea to also review some of the other comparison sites and take a look at all credit card offers before jumping in and applying immediately for the Bank of America MyNewcard offer. Once you review other offers if you still feel this is the best then you can do the following.

Go to .

Once you are on the site you will be asked to enter the invitation code along with your zip.

Then you will fill out the online application to get approved.

You will be asked for you personal information such as you name, social, address and then this will be followed by a request for some employment information and will follow up with the final processing.

After you submit you will know quickly if you have been approved. Once you are approved you will normally get your credit card in about 10 days in the mail.

So if you got the MyNewCard credit card offer through Bank of America, compare other cards and then apply now.

If you have forgotten the Personal Secure Code or have other problems in the process of applying for cards, please call 1-800-932-2775 to get help or visit Bank of America Help Center link in Reference Link 2 at the bottom of this page.

Reference Links

Bank of America Official Site –
Bank of America Help Center –

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