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– This is the official site for the Delta SkyMiles Credit Card Offer and online application to apply now. You will find this offer in all the Sky Mall magazines as well as brochures the flight attendants distribute to passengers.

To apply for a Delta SkyMiles Gold or Platinum credit card you will need to go to the online application located at the official site www.DeltaFirstBagFree.com

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What Benefits Do You Get When You Apply?

Earn Bonus Miles With This Offer

You can earn a large amount of points when you spend at least $1000 in the first 3 months of having a Delta SkyMiles credit card.

First Bag Checked Free

This is actually a really sweet deal and includes up to 9 people travelling in your party. Individually this can mean up to a $50 savings for a round trip flight. If you are a frequent flyer it really makes sense to get the Gold or Platinum card just for this reason alone.

Priority Boarding

This is a nice perk and essentially what it does is puts you in zone 1 when boarding the plane. If you bring a carry on you know it is always a pain to get on the plane to find all the overhead bins taken. When you use your Delta SkyMiles card to book your flight you will always get Zone 1 meaning you board first after 1st class and priority customers of course. It almost guarantees you will get to use the overheads to put your carry on luggage on each flight.

In Flight Savings

If you are in flight and decide you want something, just use your credit card and you can get 20% savings in the form of a statement credit.

No Foreign Transaction Fees

You will not be charged foreign transaction fees when using your Gold or Platinum SkyMiles credit cards.

About Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines is a major airline that is based in Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia.

They have the hub in Atlanta but fly domestically and internationally and are a major US Airline.
Their Customer service number is 1 (800) 455-2720

How Do I Apply For the Delta Sky Miles Credit Card?

It is really simple to apply online for the Delta Sky miles card.

Step 1 – Go to the website at www.DeltaFirstBagFree.com.

Step 2 – Decide on the Gold or Platinum Delta SkyMiles credit cards and click on the Apply Now button.

Step 3 – Fill Out all the information on the application. You will enter personal info as well as key items for verification and then you will submit. Approval is fast and you should see if you got approved in a couple minutes.

It is that easy and once you get the Gold Delta SkyMiles credit card you can start using it to earn points and save. If you choose to upgrade to the Platinum SkyMiles card make sure you understand the additional amount for the annual fee as well as the extra benefits you get with this Sky Miles card.

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