Best Military Credit Cards

Best Military Credit Cards

What Are The Best Military Credit Cards?

I guess the key question here to start this review on military credit cards is “Why Are They Better Than Regular Credit Cards?”

Normally they are associated with organizations that cater to the military. We will break down two very good credit cards that could be the best military credit cards. You should always do your own research and make a decision based on your personal needs.

PenFed Premium Travel Rewards American Express® Card

One of the key things I like about any credit card for travel is the fee structure. The PenFed card is pretty cool because it has automatic car rental and travel insurance. You will also get 5% back on any air travel purchases. Then it is 1% on everything else. The nice thing about this travel card for military members is that it has no annual fee.

Another pretty sweet feature in regards to fees is the no foreign transaction fee. If you want to travel to another country these fees on purchases can really add up. No need to worry with this military credit card.

Navy Federal Flagship Rewards

Navy Federal Credit Union has an excellent travel credit card. Members of the armed forces and veterans can join and apply. This card does have an annual fee of $49 per year. The rewards are nice as you earn at a 2% rate and can use these for flights with any airline. This card gets you Visa Signature perks that offer travel upgrades and other cool benefits. It has no balance transfer fees if you are wanting to transfer high interest balances.

To apply just visit

How Do I Apply For Military Credit Cards

PenFed is a very large credit union in the U.S and has over a million members. Once you are a member you can take advantage of this military credit card offer highlighted above. We have also included the website where you can get to their online application if you would like to check it out visit

Are There Alternatives to Military Credit Cards?

There are of course other alternatives to specific military credit cards. Usually there are other benefits to being a part of these credit unions. If you are looking for cash rewards you can check out credit card comparison sites where you can compare annual fees, cash back rewards percentages and balance transfer rates.

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