Business Credit Card Application – Find Applications and Form

business credit card application


Business Credit Card Application

can be an important start to managing your finances in a smart organized way.

You will find Business Card Applications and a Form for each of the top issuers on their specific comparison sites. These will contain all the information you will need to know to make a good decision on the type of card that will provide the best solutions for your small business or company.

Who Are The Best Banks and Issuers of Business Credit Cards?

There are a number of excellent choices for business credit cards. We are going to highlight the 3 biggest and best credit card issuers in the industry below. They have top rewards, benefits and customer service.

AMEX Business Credit Cards

American Express OPEN is the issuer of credit cards for AMEX and is known for their World-Class Service and Travel Benefits.

They have 3 top cards to choose from:


There business credit cards are great for Frequent Travelers, Airport Lounge Access Program, Business Tools, E-Commerce Businesses, Concierge Services, Seasonal Businesses.

Other features include No Foreign Transaction Fees, Customizing Your Billing Cycle and Added Financial Control.

AMEX Business Credit Card Applications can be found at

CHASE® Ink Business Cards

You will find two of the best business Chase Ink credit cards listed below:

Ink Plus® – Premium Travel Rewards
Ink Cash® – Cash Back Rewards

Both currently are offering bonus cash back and travel rewards to anyone applying for their cards and spend up to a specific amount within the time frame allowed.

CHASE® Ink has a cool feature you can load on your iPhone and manage your business from anywhere in the world. It is the Ink mobile app that allows customers to track every expense while on the go.

You can Immediately snap, tag and file receipts for any purchase, anytime, anywhere. How awesome is that for a high tech feature for your business?

CHASE® Ink Business Card Applications can be found at

Capital One® Business‎ Credit Cards

You can compare Spark Business Credit Cards. They are the complete line cards for small business.

Here you can find the complete listing of Capital One® Business‎ credit card applications at

Applying for a Business Card is Easy

When you fill out the business credit card application you will follow some easy steps:

1) If you apply as a sole proprietorship just put down your Social Security Number. Now of course if you incorporated or have an (LLC) which means limited liability corporations you will give them your Federal Tax ID.

2) You will be asked the business name. If you are a sole proprietor just put down you name. If an LLC then put down the name of the LLC. It is that simple.

3) Titles are sometimes requested. If they ask you your title just put down owner. If you are an LLC you can just put yourself down as President.

4) If you are asked for business income and you make no money just put down zero. IF they are asking you for household income you can total it up and put it down on your business credit card application.

Thats it, it should be very easy and straight forward on filling out your business card application.

How Will a Business Credit Card Effect My Credit Reporting?

Yes you are applying for a business credit card, but when you fill out the application it is still going to check your personal credit score. So depending on your credit quality, this will determine the type of card you can qualify for when getting a small business or company credit card.

Once you fill out your business credit card application form and get approved, any balances you carry on it will not reflect on your personal credit. It will be isolated to your business credit line.

Advantage To Getting A Business Credit Card

Getting a business credit card is a smart thing to do and will keep you organized and productive throughout the year. Even if you are a sole proprietor, it will keep your business finances separate from your personal which is important at tax time and when researching or analyzing your expenses.

Compare all Bank Business Credit cards to review all the details, select a credit card you like and fill out an application form now.

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