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credit building credit cards

Credit Building Credit Cards – Find the Best Offers online. Apply Now.

What are Credit Builder Credit Cards?

These are credit cards that focus on those who have had a bad credit score and history.

Normally these cards have a very high interest rate along with a very low credit limit. These are not the best offers or deals, but instead give those with poor credit the opportunity to improve it over time.

When you get a credit building credit card you will normally have some type of fees and payment schedule. To rebuild your credit all you have to do is just focus and make sure you are hitting the payment date each month.

Over time they re-build a persons credit rating and therefore allows them to apply for credit cards with lower rates and higher credit lines of credit.

Most comparison sites have a section with these types of credit building credit cards in sections such as bad credit credit cards.

These allow someone who has had a bad credit score and history to improve over time and clean up their score.

What are The Best Credit Builder Credit Cards?

That is hard to say and you will really need to compare interest rates and fees to get the best deal as well as credit limits.

Here are a few featured credit builder credit cards:

Barclaycard Platinum Balance Transfer: 0% of balance transfers for 18 months (2.9% fee). This is probably one of the best as it will allow you to pay the balance off since you will have a 0% apr for 18 months which is significant. You must make sure you always pay it on time or you will see this great deal go away.

Capital One Classic Platinum

Capital One Classic

CapitalOne has some really good deals on the credit builder credit cards and you get some of the rewards and benefits that come along with the CapitalOne line of cards.

Interest rates on these cards range from 25% to 35% APR.

These credit builder credit cards are great for people with bad credit or who are looking to improve their current rating ven if they have had problems with credit in the past.

The one catch with applying for one is that you must have not declared bankruptcy in the last 12 months.

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