Student Credit Card Application

student credit card application

Student Credit Card Application

When we are talking about student credit cards it is primarily referring to college student credit cards. Typically these are for college students with no credit or bad credit.

If it is a new credit card or your very first card it is important to read through your options so you make the right selection as well as understanding the requirements before you apply.

But, if you are not in College yet you still can qualify usually based on 3 factors listed below:

1) You must be at least 18 years old by law.
2) You must meet all the requirements of the credit card issuer.
3) You must have a job and making a “sufficient income.”

Once you get a student credit card always make sure you send in payments on time or even before the due date. This will allow your credit score to improve over time. You credit history is really the number one benefit of getting the credit card. It shows future creditors and banks that you are responsible with your finances and money.

You will also want to run your credit reports once a year to ensure they are accurate and get a credit score update. With a Discover student credit card they actually give you a Free FICO score with each months account statement.

What are The Best College Student Credit Cards?

Discover Student Credit Card Application – This student credit card is great for those who want cash back and rewards. Each quarter they weight the points based on various categories such as gas, groceries or restaurants.

The Discover Student Card will also have your FICO Score on the statement each month and you can keep track of it. This is important as you build your credit score.

0% introductory offers on purchases and balance transfers are very common with Discover cards so if you want to make a purchase you can pay it off within this zero percent time period.

You will also find benefits like purchase protection, extended warranty, price protection and many more you can read about when you get your card that will protect you as a consumer and when you purchase products such as electronics.

Discover it® chrome for Students – This credit card has no fees such as No annual fee, No over limit fee, No foreign transaction fee or No late fee on your first late payment. It is also setup where if you pay late you will not have your interest rate jacked up. This is a nice feature and gives you some stability in regards to your interest rate and payments.

Other College Credit Card Applications include the following list:

JourneySM Student Rewards from Capital One® – A cool feature to the Capital One Student credit card is that you will get access to a higher credit line after making your first 5 monthly payments on time. This is kind of unique and an interesting ideas to encourage good payment habits.

Citi Student Credit Card Application – You can earn 2500 bonus ThankYou® Points after spending $500 within the first 3 months of card membership. This Citi Student card is issued through Citi Bank and has some great benefits that come along with it.

It is similar to the Discover card in regards to benefits that protect you as a consumer.

Student Credit Cards if used responsibly can be a useful financial tool to build credit. When you get out of school you can have an established credit score. This will allow you to get a regular credit card as well as auto loans, mortgages and other lines of credit due to your good credit history.

If you think you may have difficulty making payments a Prepaid Card or Secured credit card may be a better option.

You can go to most credit card comparison sites to review and compare the student credit card section. Most will have and Apply Now or Here button that will take you to that issuers student credit card application to get approved.

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