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Online Credit Card Applications

have made it easy to compare, apply and get approved for a credit card in just minutes.

Online Credit Card Applications

Not only are they easy to find, but it is simple to compare credit card types, issuers and interest rates along with annual fees. Many online credit cards have bonus rewards and points you can earn just for applying for a specific card. Others have unique benefits that can save you money.

In the past you would receive direct mail or pre-approved offers with paper applications. These would clog up your mail box and were very time consuming to fill out the application form and then slow to mail it back in to get approved.

Today with modern technology there are online credit card applications. It makes it very easy to compare and apply for a credit card online, when you are ready and on your own terms.

We provide the latest information on the best credit cards to help you learn about special offers, rewards and the unique benefits of credit cards. We also provide the specific details for credit cards we discuss, so you can easily apply online for that specific credit card.

This site provides you one central place where you can find all types of credit cards and offers. We break down the details for you and give you the resources to apply online for any type of credit card or credit card offer.

To apply online just click on the apply now button above.

Why Do Credit Card Applications Online Offer More Security?

Online credit card applications contain Secure Socket Layer “SSL” technology that offer the best level of internet security utilizing sophisticated data encryption. Your information is always safe. When you go to a credit card comparison site or any credit cards website that has credit card offers or access to online applications, you will find this technology.

When you review a credit card’s details and decide you want to apply, most have an apply button that you can click on. When you do this you are taken to that specific cards website. This could be for a specific bank credit card or even a department store credit card. This application form will be secure using a SSL certificate for their website you are applying on.

How Do I Find The Credit Card Application Forms To Fill It Out To Get Approved?

We have setup this website to make it easy for you to navigate and find applications for credit cards for various banks, department stores and various issuers.

In various articles we will discuss general credit card topics as well as specific credit cards and will include their website links to make it easy for you to find the online credit card application for that card. You can also click on the apply button located on any of our pages to find, compare and apply for the best credit cards for any credit type.

What Types of Credit Cards Can I Apply For Online?

There are actually hundreds of different credit cards that you can find online. This can make it difficult to actually find and compare various types of credit card offers. This is why we have already researched the credit cards and credit card offers and have listed them all in one place for you.

You can easily read about each credit card or even overall categories of credit cards to decide which is best for you.

Each credit card type is used for a different reason and you need to decide what will benefit you the most based on your spending habits. You might decide you want a daily cash back credit card for earning rewards for groceries, gas, restaurants and another for travel rewards and bonus offers.

The most popular credit card types are for cash back rewards, travel points and rewards, 0% balance transfer offers or for rebuilding credit.

There are many other types of credit cards such as charge cards, student credit cards, gas credit cards, department store credit cards and more.

Throughout this website you will find categories as well as specific information provided to you on each credit card. Then you will find contact info as well as the website link to the online credit card application. We want to make this site a useful resource for you to easily find, compare and apply online for credit cards and specific credit card offers.

Below we will break out in more detail each type of credit card you can apply for online.

Cash Back Credit Cards

Cash back credit cards are one of the most popular type of credit card.

I mean who would not want to get cash back for just making everyday purchases?

When you use cash back credit cards you will want to pay off the balance each month. These are not really effective if you are carrying a balance and have to pay interest charges. It really just defeats the purpose as you will end up offsetting your rewards points.

These cash back credit cards can be a great way to earn cash rewards when using them for all of your purchases. You can even pay your car insurance premiums or other larger bills with these credit cards to help rack up lots of cash back rewards and points.

Once you build up your cash back points, you can redeem the rewards for gift cards or just get an account credit. It is really kind of a cool way to earn a passive income just for using your credit card for purchases. There are lots of great cash back credit cards you will find us discussing on our site.

Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Travel rewards credit cards let you earn reward points that can be applied towards travel.

A lot of people use their travel rewards credit cards to get huge bonus offers. When you initially open the credit card you will be able to earn a specific rewards bonus if you purchase a certain amount within a specific time frame.

Once you earn these bonus points you will find that you can earn even more points by purchasing airline tickets, hotel rooms and even rental cars. Most travel rewards credit cards will also let you accumulate points on regular purchases.

When you travel internationally you will want a travel credit card that has no foreign transaction fees. These are fees that are charged when using a credit card outside of the U.S..

If you fly a specific airline you might of course want to look for that particular airlines rewards credit card. Many times you can be rewarded if you fly a specific airline such as Delta, United or Southwest. They each have their own airline miles programs and airline credit card applications.

Most travel credit cards have fantastic travel benefits that come along with the credit card. Make sure you pick a card whose benefits match up to your travel lifestyle.

Also, some top travel rewards credit cards can have annual fees. These are usually offset by all the benefits and perks you can get by using that credit card frequently through the year. Usually the more you travel the more it benefits you. It may be worth paying the annual fee to get the best travel rewards credit card.

When picking a travel rewards credit card, you can also just get a flat percentage for everything you purchase. These are great if you are not using any specific airline and offer flexibility. Review the details of the travel credit card to understand if the rewards are unlimited and that there are no black out dates.

The key is to pick the travel rewards credit card that will benefit you the most and allows the most flexibility for the way you like to travel.

Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Balance Transfer credit cards are used to pay off high interest rate credit cards or loans. Many people are looking to consolidate multiple credit cards into just one payment. A balance transfer credit card can offer 0% introductory interest rates from 12 to 18 months depending on the card offer. It can be a great tool for helping pay off credit card balances quicker.

When applying for a balance transfer, make sure you understand if there is a fee associated with the transaction. Most of the time you will find that there is a 3% balance transfer fee that will be added when transferring balances from other credit cards. It may still be a good deal since you are locking in a long term 0% APR. Just make sure you understand that fee before doing the transfer.

You will find a couple credit cards that have no fee, but most will include a percentage at the time of the balance transfer. Chase has a credit card called Slate that has no fees when you transfer balances for example.

The balance transfer credit card allows you to save on interest over an intro period usually set between 12 and 18 months. If used properly it is an excellent way to pay off your debt quickly.

If this is something you are wanting to do you can compare and apply for a balance transfer credit card.

Business Credit Cards

Business credit cards can help a small business keep track of expenses each year for tax purposes. It can also make it easy to track individual employee expenditures.

There are a number of different issuers of business credit cards as well as rewards programs.

If you have a small business, it is really a great idea to get started off on the right foot with a new business credit card.

You will also find individual benefits that can help you save more money and earn more rewards that can be used for business travel or to get cash back.

0% Credit Card Offers

The credit card invitations you receive in the mail are usually 0% APR Introductory offers.

Many people complain about these credit card mail promotional offers. But many times people should take advantage of them.

Some of these offers are for purchases and or balance transfers. If you are going to make a purchase for over $1000, why not do it at 0% and pay it off over the next 6 months. It is actually cheap money and can save you in interest charges. Some of these 0% promotional credit cards extend anywhere from 12 to 18 months.

You can also find some of the travel credit cards are not only offering bonus points for signing up, but also have 0% promotional APR’s also that can add up to nice saving on your travel purchases.

Now just remember if you decide to utilize the balance transfer option, you will probably be paying a 3% fee upfront to enjoy the long 0% interest rate. Thats ok, as long as you understand what the total costs will be when utilizing it.

Many people ask how do pre approved credit card offers work? These are pre qualified offers based on your credit score. It just means the credit card issuer has pre screened you based on your credit information to make sure you will qualify for their offer or mail invitation. Normally there is some type of reservation code you enter on their site before applying with an online credit card application.

Student Credit Cards

Student credit cards are geared towards college students that need a card to pay for books and tuition. These are also great for buying groceries, clothing and gas for the car.

This is a great way for a responsible student to build their credit.

As a matter of fact, building this credit history is probably the number one reason to fill out the student credit card application.

Yes, convenience is important but a prepaid card can do the same in that regard, but it will not be as effective in building a credit score and history.

Other Types of Credit Cards

You will find many other types of credit cards we will review in the articles on this site. There are some really great department store credit cards. Others are gasoline credit cards and even cards for people with poor credit.

This concludes our summary of the types of credit cards you will find on our site. Now we will look into the issuers of these credit cards.

Who Are The Top Bank Issuers of Credit Cards?

There are many Banks that issue their own credit cards including credit unions.

But, there are a few key Banks that just stand out and are very large and control a large portion of the credit card applications in the online marketplace.

Below we will list the top issuers in the credit card industry. These are large financial institutions which will be recognizable by most who are familiar with these names. Many of these issuers offer the best credit card offers on the market and a wide range of various credit card categories.

American Express

– Has some great travel credit cards including airline rewards. They also have an elite selection of Platinum and Gold Charge cards.

Bank of America

– Offer some great credit card options in the areas of Cash Back, Travel Rewards and Balance Transfers.


– offers premium rewards MasterCards and other cards for average to fair credit.


– Has credit cards for personal and business. There are a number of Chase credit card applications that fit every need. They have cards for cash back, balance transfers as well as travel rewards.

The Chase Freedom is a popular shopping rewards card.
Chase Slate is a low interest card that can offer 0% fees on balance transfers.
Chase Sapphire is a travel rewards credit card.
Chase Ink is a very popular business credit card.


– has credit cards with low interest, rewards. They also offer business and student cards.

The 3 Citi Credit Cards listed below are top offers and include 0% interest offers that exceed 12 months. You will also find that they all have no annual fees. These all require that you have an excellent credit rating.

Citi Simplicity® Card – This card is known for it’s No late fees, No penalty rate, No annual fee “Ever.”

Citi® Double Cash Card – This is a cash back credit card. You will get 1% Cash back monthly on all of your purchases. Then you will receive 1% Cash back on payments to your account.

Citi® ThankYou Cards – This card rewards you for using it for certain categories like dining and entertainment.

Discover Card

– these offerings are for the 5% Cash back credit cards as well as top student cards.

Discover it® is the brand name for their flagship 0 Interest balance transfer cards. One card offers a 14 month zero APR on purchases as well as transfers. The other goes out 18 months for a credit card transfer, but only 6 months on purchases.

With Discover it® you will also get a free FICO score with each account statement as well as no annual fees.

This is also a great travel credit card as it has no foreign transaction fees when used internationally and comes with $500,000 in travel accident insurance and automobile rental insurance.

You can use your cash back rewards in a variety of ways including redeeming on or on the Discover Online Shopping Site known as where you can up to 20% cash back.

You also get U.S. based customer service and an intuitive website for managing your account. Discover also has a Mobile App that allows access 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Visa and MasterCard

– These credit cards are excepted around the world and offer security as well as convenience when paying for purchases. Most banks offer both choices when applying for their credit cards through an online application.

So what is the difference between Visa Credit Cards vs. MasterCard?

Both have really great benefits that come with their brand of cards.

Visa has two levels, a basic level credit card as well as a Visa Signature. The basic level has lots of features like automatic rental car insurance, warranty protection and a number of other perks. The Signature has an online portal that gives special discounts for entertainment and travel.

The MasterCard credit cards have 3 tiers, each with various benefits. The Base card has many of the similar basic benefits of Visa. It also offers price protection. If you buy something and see a lower price in 60 days you can get the difference refunded. The Elite and World Elite are more for travel perks and various discounts.

Want to Compare The Best Credit Cards for 2019?

You can find and compare credit cards that can earn you cash back rewards, airline miles, balance transfers or to rebuild credit. To get started just Click Here to Apply Now!

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