Amazon Credit Card Review

So Why Get an Amazon Credit Card?

Everyone is aware of the best eCommerce site on the planet, yes of course.

So why not build rewards with their credit card and utilize this to save on purchases. It is a really smart thing to do and there are many people learning to do this and saving hundreds on their purchases.

Most people when looking for clothing, household goods, groceries, kitchen and home products, video, phones, electronics or jewelry just go to Amazon and do a search.

There are millions of products on the site and they have comparison shopping and you can normally get a great deal and even free shipping.

It is really worth learning how to utilize the site and better yet build rewards for your purchases.

How Do I Apply For an Amazon Credit Card?

The Amazon credit card is easy to apply for with an easy online application and you can get approved now.

To apply online with an Amazon credit card application just go to

What Are The Rewards Visa Card Best Features

1) A $30 Gift Card will instantly be loaded into your account upon the approval of your credit card application.

2) Amazon Rewards: The rewards are excellent and break out in the following areas.

You will get 3% BACK AT AMAZON.COM. This means when you purchase on you are going to build rewards at 3%. This can really add up. Since most people are making lots of purchases a month if they are a Prime member, it really just makes good sense to take advantage of this.

You get 2% BACK AT GAS STATIONS, RESTAURANTS AND DRUGSTORES. This means you earn 2% on your normal gas purchases or when dining out. Need a prescription filled or just need to run into the drugstore. You can catch the 22% reward for all of these items. If you think about it, this is great as most of the time your major budgeted items each month are gas and restaurants.

1% BACK ON ALL OTHER PURCHASES. This just means everywhere else you are earning rewards. It is pretty standard on most reward cards, but you are getting the Amazon credit card really to make purchase on Amazon to take advantage of the 3% rewards.

One of the cool things about this Amazon Visa credit card is that there are no earning caps and no expiration on points. The annual fee is $0, yes you heard right, that is zero.

This card is issued by Chase Bank which is a financially strong company that is very committed to their customers. Chase has a number of types of credit cards including those for personal use as well as a line of business credit cards.

The Amazon credit card application is the first step to building rewards. These can then be used on this massive eCommerce platform allowing you to find key products you need. This allows you to enjoy great prices and discounts when you use your card.

Another great way to buy for people especially if you are wanting to get them a gift but do not know what they want. You can purchase them an Amazon Gift Card. This way they can load up their gift card on and when ready, purchase something they really like.

The Amazon credit card application is really easy to fill out and will benefit your throughout the year.