American Eagle Credit Card – Is It Better Than Other Cash Back Credit Cards?

The American Eagle Credit Card vs. Other Cash Back Credit Cards

The American Eagle credit card has rewards that are specific to their store. We will explain in this article what the benefits actually are and review why a normal cash back credit card might be the best option. Breaking down the benefits is the only true way to know what would be the best financial decision.

American Eagle Credit Card Benefits

1. The first benefit you get after getting approved for the American Eagle credit card is 20% off your 1st AEO Connected credit card purchase. This is only valid on AEO and Aerie branded merchandise. So if you make a rather large purchase this can be a nice discount.

If you are planning on running a balance you will get hit with a rather large interest charge. This is a higher interest department store credit card that should really be paid off each month.

2. The way the point system works is that you basically earn 15 points per $1 spent. So 2,500 points equals a $10 reward. So even if you are just earning points through store purchases you will need to spend around $167 in purchases to get $10 in rewards.

You can also earn 5 points for every $1 spent anywhere else. So if you were planning on just using it as an everyday card to build up rewards you here is the calculation.

Take $167 X it by 3 and you would need to spend around $500 to get $10 in rewards.

3. One kind of cool thing they do offer is a 20% discount coupon on your birthday. They also give you a personal shopping day coupon. They also include 6 cardholder event days per year. So the American Eagle credit card does have some perks to it during the year and a few days you could plan to get discounts.

4. They also have a free jeans and bras promotion. Basically if you buy 5 jeans or bras you get 1 free. I normally would not buy that many jeans at one time. Especially just to get 1 pair free. But if you have a large family and buy a lot of jeans or bras, maybe it would be worth it.

5. If you are wondering about shipping fees, free standard shipping is free.

So if you shop at AEO (American Eagle Outfitters, or Aerie) and spend a significant amount each year this could be a good credit card to check out. But, in general if you look at some of the top cash back credit cards you might find it easier to just apply for one of those.

A regular cash back credit card can earn you more points over time and simplify your bill paying process.

Where Can I Compare Alternative Cash Back Credit Cards?

There are lots of places to compare and apply credit cards.

Many of these have no annual fees and can earn you rewards faster on everything you spend using your cash back credit card.

Click on the Apply now button at the top of this page.

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