Kohls Credit Card Application

Why Get a Kohl's Credit Card?

If you are a regular shopper at Kohl’s you might want to consider getting their credit card. It can get you discounts on clothing and other store items. You can also utilize it on their website to make purchases.

The secret behind the Kohl’s credit card application is to apply when you are going to make a large purchase there as you will save 20% on this new purchase and you will also get a 15% discount when your card arrives in the mail.

Let me start out by saying that Kohl’s is a clothing store that has some very trendy clothing for both men or women. Many of their shirts, shorts and apparel are just very stylish. I shop there often and use the Kohl’s charge to get great discounts. 

The Kohl’s Charge entitles you to at least 12 special discounts of 30%, 20% or 15% every year. When used in combination with one of their sales you can really get a deal.

But in general I do not recommend getting department store credit cards. There are too many alternative credit cards out there that are better. I mean you can get travel miles, cash back rewards and many have 0% interest offers. Many of these rewards are built up and then redeemed just by using the credit card. 

Before considering any department store credit card, check out the alternative credit cards below.

What are Kohl's Bucks?

When you make purchases in the store, you will get a little coupon which is Kohl’s bucks. It is cash rewards that you can apply to your next purchase and can add up to some really nice savings.

Many times if I buy some clothes and get Kohl’s bucks back, I will later go in an buy some jeans or a shirt and apply say $20 of my Kohl’s bucks to get the item for next to nothing. These will have an expiration so you will want to go up and use them for something you need before the expiration.

If you want to use your Kohl’s Cash® on Kohls.com, just enter the 15 digit coupon number and 4 digit PIN at checkout and the value of your Kohl’s Cash® coupon will be deducted from your order total.

So there are a couple convenient ways to use them.

How Do I Apply for a Kohl's Credit Card

It is easy to apply online for their credit card via their online Kohl’s credit card application.

Just go to their official site at www.Kohls.com and you will see all of their offers on the main page.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page and you will see a section that says Shop Kohl’s.

You will then see where it says apply for a Kohl’s Charge. Just click on that link and it will take you to the proper page to apply.

Another alternative is to just go into a Kohl’s department store and they will be happy to help you fill out the credit card application and apply in the store. But it is very easy to just go to the website and apply directly, but that is your choice and you will get the card either way.


How Do I Contact Kohl's Customer Service

It is easy to apply using a Kohl’s credit card application online. For your convenience if you ever need to call customer service, we included the numbers below.

Kohls.com Customer Service Phone Toll Free: (855) 564-5705

Yes2You Rewards Customer Service (855) 564-5751

Kohl’s Charge Card Customer Service (855) 564-5748