TJ Maxx Credit Card Application

TJ Maxx Credit Card Review

The TJX Rewards MasterCard is a credit card for people who love shopping at TJ Maxx. It falls into the category of rewards cards, which are cards that give back to the consumer each time he or she spends money. The TJX Rewards card offers a slew of benefits that start the moment the cardholder receives the card. If you like to shop for clothing and accessories at TJ Maxx, you may want to consider applying for this card. The following are some of the details about the TJ Maxx credit card review that you may want to hear.

Who Qualifies for the TJX Rewards MasterCard?

An applicant must meet several qualifications before he or she can apply for a TJX Rewards MasterCard. First, the individual must be 18 years of age and a valid United States citizen. Secondly, the applicant has to meet the credit requirements. TJX typically approves people who have FICO scores of 650 points or higher. Some lower scores may garner approval, but it may be on rare occasion.

What Are the Benefits of the TJX Rewards MasterCard?

The TJX Rewards MasterCard comes with a whole slew of positive benefits. First, the card applicant receives 10 percent off of his or her first purchase after obtaining approval for the car. Secondly, cardholders earn points every time they purchase anything with their MasterCards. The points accumulate, and eventually cardholders will be able to use them to get merchandise and other products. Another benefit of this card is that consumers can earn a $10 gift certificate every time they earn 1,000 points. You can truly do some damage with a $10 gift certificate if you get this card.

How Is the TJX Rewards MasterCard Different From Other Cards?

The TJX Rewards MasterCard is different from other cards in many ways. It enhances the cardholder’s retail shopping experience by providing a heap of benefits that he or she can get from it. This card also has a unique design and microchip technology that helps to prevent fraudulent activities from occurring. New cardholders like yourself will be delighted to receive the card and all of its benefits.

How to Apply for the Card

You can apply for this card using a number of tactics. You can go through the process at a point-of-sale location. If you apply for it with the cashier, then you will be able to get your 10 percent off your purchase right away. If you apply for it online, you can get a quick decision without standing in line. The application has three parts to it. First, you will have to answer some questions about your residence and income. Then, you will get to choose how you want to be notified of account happenings. Finally, you will need to provide extremely personal information such as your social security number. You will get your results when you are finished, and hopefully you will receive a positive answer on the TJ Maxx credit card.

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